Let’s Go Pokemon-Ing

Let’s go Pokemon-ing

This week you’ve probably noticed that Pokemon Go was released and has caused quite the uproar in the geek community.  Some people love and some people don’t and some of those people are on the episode today.  Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) Game which allows you to physically traverse real locations using Google’s Mapping Data to capture and battle Pokemon.  The game is still in its infancy feature wise but we share some tips and tricks that we’ve found this first week.  If you plan on playing you may want to stock up on external batteries for your phone.

Random Fandom: Exo Squad

Random Fandom is the Segment where you give us a Fandom and we spend a few minutes talking about it.  This is a good opportunity for us to expand our horizon’s and yours by sharing the fandoms that shaped our lives. Reach out to us at Feedback@FandomPodcast.com to let us know what your Random Fandom is.

Exo Squad was sent in by Jared Elder as one of his favorite Cartoons when he was a kid. This cartoon dealt with a futuristic human society that created a race of people called the Neo Sapiens which revolt and start a war, and as you can imagine with a premise like that dealt with many heavier topics.  The starring voice actor for this show also played the voice of the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  This show brought us down a rabbit hole of classic 90’s cartoons.


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Wrap Up

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