The Little Mermaid Dream Cast w/ Kestra Darowski – Episode 118

This week on The Fandom Podcast we take the 1989 classic “The Little Mermaid” come up with some dream castings.  We bring on Kestra Darowski from the Disney Animated Minute Essential Podcast to judge us and you won’t believe who Groucho Marx is cast as! To jump right into Little Mermaid it starts at 42:32

In the News

Doctor Who changed it’s episode after Manchester Terror Attack to be sensitive to those affected. (00:03:07)

Wonder Woman women only screening… Men are terrible (00:04:50)

Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock… yay? (00:12:27)

Phoenix Comic Con Prop Ban (00:18:00)

Roger Moore Passes Away (00:30:18)

CW TV Shows Coming to Netflix Week after finishing (00:32:04)

Feedback on Star Trek Fantasy Senior Staff (00:36:03)

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Until Next Time:  May the Fandom be with you!

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