Why Luke Cage is important- Episode 86

Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is possibly the most important property that Marvel has put on Netflix yet, but in discussing his series we don’t really talk about him.  We talk a lot about the people around him that make up who he is.  In this episode, after the Random Fandom and the Geek News we have a Non Spoilery discussion about Luke Cage followed by full on spoilers of what we thought about Season 1.  What makes him who he is?  How did the supporting cast make him better? What roles did the villains play? For any more details you’ll have to listen to the spoiler discussion. In case you were hoping to get one, Black Hoodies with Yellow Lining are currently sold out, but this one looks exactly like Luke Cage’s iconic hoodie.

Random Fandom – Gargoyles

Nik made a guest appearance on the Protagonist Podcast.

Joe Darowski from the Protagonist Podcast

Hey, a potential Random Fandom and one that could use a modern version is the great Disney cartoon Gargoyles. It came out when I was 12, and was one of the last wave of cartoons I latched onto to watch (I’ve since gotten over the idea that cartoons are for kids). I loved the characters and the plots, but one thing that really interested me was that I recognized they were borrowing characters from Shakespeare, which was a new storytelling idea for me. To have a new narrative universe, but borrow existing (public domain) characters has become much more common, but it was something I had never seen before.

Geek News

Willow 2 – Not a Reboot, or a Remake

Harry Potter:

  • Fantastic Beasts 5 parter is confirmed – Get ready for 5 movies, but there are lots of rumors about how they will be divided.
  • Luna Lovegood’s Patronus – Evana Lynch had a bit of a crisis due to the fact that She loves cats, but got a Salmon.  Nik of 3 week’s ago would have been jealous
  • Nik’s Patronus Spreadsheet project – Nik and some other Harry Potter nerds online spent time and completely gamed the system to figure out how to get any patronus that you want.

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