Make Disney Great Again – Episode 188

New Star Wars TV Shows and information, Kathleen Kennedy Contract Extension, Russian Bots and Lady Gaga Fans weaponizing reviews, and look out Sweden, fate has chosen another ruler! And Nik has inside information on the new Power Rangers series! Its the News Roundup for the second week of October!

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  • Feedback
    • Wendy – has started The Walking Dead and wants to know what kind of show she’s gotten herself into… Send us a 1 word description of what she’s gotten herself into She also pointed out that we need to do our musical episode, so mark your calendars… Episode 200 will be the musical episode
    • Amy Champion sent in a story about netflix purchasing the rights to the Chronicles of Narnia Series
    • William’s review of Venom: Venom is surprisingly solid. Oh there were plenty of “c’mon man” moments but I’d give it a 7/10 with one watch.


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