March 11th, 2015 comics review

Thor #6 – This issue is more about The Odinson and how he is coping with no longer being Thor.  We see more of his list of possible “suspects”.  There is a very touching moment with Odinson and Jane Foster; after which he crosses her off the list.  Concerning Thor there are some small moments with Maliketh and Roxxon that pushes that arc of the series along.  It is important in the overall context of the series, but minor as to what this issue is about.  Overall I found it to be a good issue.  Thor is quickly becoming one of my first reads when it drops.

Spider-Gwen #2 – Gwen wakes up on a garbage barge with a concussion after Vulture dropped her.  One of her concussion symptoms seems to be a hallucination of Spider-Hamm.  This pairing leads to much humor, and acts as the comic relief for this issue.  We see more of Gwen’s struggles in her real life with her band and her father.  The other main line of this issue continues Detective Castle’s investigation into the Spider-Woman.  We are introduced to this universes King Pin and Matt Murdock, who has taken a very different path.  Overall I am liking Spider-Gwen and this universe they are unraveling.  I didn’t read any Spider-Verse, but was excited to see Gwen back, and knew I would have to check this title out.  And I am glad I did.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1 – This book is part of the Batman Arkham video game series.  Fans of the game series should find this as an enjoyable read.  I haven’t played the games, but still found the book enjoyable.  The Joker is dead, but he’s not done killing.  His body is booby trapped killing the medical examiners.  He has also booby trapped Arkham Asylum for one final trap for the Batman.  There is a mysterious figure following Bats around, dealing out his own justice.  His intentions towards the Dark Knight are still unsure.  Bruce, obviously, survives the Asylum explosion, and has to call Alfred for a new suit.  His call from a payphone is the best part of the issue.  We also get to see a new Batsuit which is pretty sweet.  Overall as long as these stories come out I will be reading them.

Deadpool #43 – Deadpool is still in the “middle east” helping the small village defend against the evil Roxxon corporation.  He starts chained  and crucified and has to mutilate himself to keep the villagers from being executed.  He saves them, rescues Trap Master, and gets them all to a chopper.  As they are leaving he notices a sarcophagus similar to his wife’s.  He calls his wife to join him, and has Trap Master drop him off at the origin of the sarcophaguses, setting the stage for him and his old lady to work together again.  Overall this has become an average book.  I am a huge Deadpool fan, but the over saturation of all his titles has left me less and less impressed with his stories.

Silver Surfer #10 – The Surfer shows he faked his death to trick Galactus.  He the pours everything he has into trying to stop the devourer of planets.  But it isn’t enough.  During an exchange about why he became the surfer the leader of the planet offers himself as a herald to save the planet.  Eventually everyone one the planet joins in on offering, and it looks like this might be enough to dissuade Galactus.  Alas, though, it is not.  It isn’t until Dawn offers to be a herald to save the planet that Galactus agrees.  Norrin Radd fights harder to try and stop this, even professing that he loves Dawn.  In order to save Dawn everyone on the planet leaves, so that Galactus can feed.  The Silver Surfer says he will be a herald for the people to find them a new planet.  The issue ends with a rift and tension between Norrin and Dawn.  Overall I love this series and where it continues to go.  It is a very youth friendly title with great, clean humor.

Spawn: Resurrection #1 – This is a one-shot setting the stage for the changes starting in Spawn #251.  God, in the form of a dog, comes to the original Spawn, Al Simmons to convince him to come back from the dead.  The issue recaps how and why he became Spawn, uses a current emotional topic of today to give reason for Al to come back, and has a very political/religious undertone.  Overall as someone who never read the Spawn comics I wasn’t feeling any emotional connection to the story.  I wasn’t really a fan of the political issues, but understand it being used as a catalyst for Al to return.  It was just good enough to make me consider picking up Spawn #251 when it drops.

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