March 18th 2015 comicbook review

Outcast #7 – It had been a while, so it took me a minute to remember what had happened. If you aren’t aware of Outcast it is written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), drawn by Paul Azaceta, and colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser (who is amazingly nice). The story is just getting rolling and Kirkman is doing a great job of establishing a base for a great series. Overall this issue was basically a stage setter, the end of act 1 if you will. Not a lot happened, but altogether it made me anxious for more. My only complaint of Outcast would be that sometimes it is too long between issues.


Black Widow #16 – Natasha finally comes face to face with the man behind Chaos. But that is only the outlier of this issue. In this issue we get some awesome background on what turned Natasha into Black Widow. Overall this series has been amazing; the art is perfect for the story. Some issues there is hardly any dialogue, only amazing panels telling the story. This issue was a little more “chatty”, but exactly what I have come to expect from this title.


Punisher #16 – The punisher takes his investigation/battle to DC where he learns that the gas attacks in Mexico and LA go higher than he can hope to take down. After kidnapping a Secretary of State all of DC is looking for him; including the defender of freedom himself, the All New Captain America. Overall this issue wasn’t as action packed as some of the others. Every once in a while they need to spend some time establishing the story, which is what they did here. I can’t wait to see the throw down between the new Cap and Frank.


Silk #2 – Cindy Moon, a.k.a Silk, works on hunting down her family. After 10 years locked in a windowless basement she has some work to do, and none of her leads are panning out. A hankering for pizza leads her to one of her old haunts, only to find out it is closed down. We get a flashback scene of her last time in there. An attacking Hydra robot exits her off memory lane and she goes down into the sewer to fight it. Emerging victorious she gets her first break, sort of. Someone from her past recognizes her. The issue ends with 2 mysterious figures talking, and we learn they sent the Hydra robot. But why? Overall another fun issue. More importantly, though, I am enjoying learning about a new character. This is someone that I don’t know her entire story, and watching it unfold before me is exciting.


Teen Titans #8 – After saving New York City the Titans are enjoying their moment in the lime light. Beast Boy is hosting a comedy sketch show that is filmed in New York. Bunker is backstage with Beast Boy making his own TV connections. Raven is backstage watching the band who writes songs about her play a huge venue. Wonder Girl is going viral after a creepy guy films her while Power Girl and Wonder Girl wannabes just kind of stand there and let it happen. The only one not in the spotlight is Red Robin. Good old (young) Tim is doing what Bats taught him, and keeping his eye on what’s really important. Overall it is a good story, but a little predictable that they are all being made famous and Robin is unswayed. But who cares if it is a tad predictable; it’s Robin and BB and Raven together fighting crime.


Black Vortex (All New X-men #39, Guardians Team-up #3) – Cyclops (All New) and Corsair join with our rag tag group of heros. The rest of the All New team is not happy to see Scotty boy. They feel like he cut out on them when he left to spend time with his dad. Emergencies happen as the orphanage Quill looks in on is attacked, and the Vortexed heros are destroying Kree. The mosh-posh of heros splits into 3 teams to deal with all the problems. Team 1 goes down to the planet to distract/stall Mr Knifes Vortexed team; it doesn’t go so well. Team 2 goes to the orphanage to find it under attack from the Vortexed alien we met in chapter 1. Team 3 goes to Hala to help the Kree. Ronan the Accuser asks the Supreme Intelligence for permission to use the Black Vortex to save the planet. The Supreme Intelligence, being intelligent, says no. Quill distracts the other Accusers so that Ronan can disobey and Vortex himself. During his battle Beast plays with space-time and it drives him crazy. Ronan crushes Angel, and Gamora flies him away. Hala and the Kree are saved, but at the cost of Ronan’s honor. Overall I have been disappointed in the Black Vortex arch. I was getting excited for it while reading Legendary Star-Lord. It just hasn’t wowed me like I hoped it would. The story has felt very scattered.


Moon Knight #13 – Well this series just took a hard turn to the weird. Marc Spector is seeing ghosts and wants them to leave. But now he is the “Shepherd” over this flock of undead. He follows bloody footprints to a warehouse where a group of criminals have been capturing ghosts. Moon Knight beats the men up and frees the ghosts. As he walks out he leaves a trail of bloody boot prints that the ghosts follow. Overall this wasn’t a bad story, just weird. I love the art in this series, and I love that almost all the issues so far have been one-offs.


Hulk #13 – Doc Green bounces around a lot this issue. He makes a phone call back in time to pre-hulk Bruce Banner, has a beer with old man Cap, fights and cures the Leader, and has Deadpool trackdown Red Hulk. All of this to set-up a big fight next issue with Ross. Overall about what I have come to expect from this series. My nieces love Hulk, so I get it each month, read it, and then send the issues to them. If not for that fact I probably would have dropped the title by now.


Magneto #16 – Mags is back in charge of Genosha and mutants are coming to build a new paradise. Someone, though, doesn’t like this idea. A killer on the island takes the lives of 4 young mutants and leaves a haunting message on the mirror for the master of magnetism. Overall … eh … This title has been ok at best. Magneto was one of my favorite characters in my youth. And because of that I continue to pick up this title and continue to be whelmed.


Invisible Republic #1 – We open with a reporter asking people about the end of a regime. Blunt “no’s” are the nicest answers he gets. His quest looks hopeless until he finds the journal pages of a young lady. He reads the story of a time the young lady and her cousin were on a rocky beach complaining about their food options. She goes off to fish for some scrawny crab like fishies. On her return to their little camp 3 soldiers approach them. The soldiers are trying to recruit and when the guy says no all hell breaks loose. A fight ensues and the girl and her cousin end up killing the soldiers and feeding them to the fishies, literally. The reporter runs outside to make a call to his editor (?) and we discover the cousin in the story was the dictator of the regime he was asking about. Overall the art is good and the story intriguing enough to make me curious for the next issue.


All New Captain America #5 – Earlier this week Marvel released a list of 33 titles that will be cancelled in the wake of their Secret Wars event. When I saw All New Captain America at the top of the list (it was alphabetical) I wasn’t heartbroken. But after reading this issue I’m slightly disappointed. The story starts with Sam over hearing commentary that he is only replacing Steve because he is black. An all too real statement that was made by many after Marvel announced the book. For the record I, for one, loved that Sam Wilson was going to be carrying the mantle of Captain America. Flashforward back to the present, Cap is fighting for his life against Zemo while trying to figure out a way to stop the plague infested fleas that were just released. And what better way to stop bugs than to ask every bird in the area to eat them. Nomad comes back from the dead to help with Zemo and tell Cap that there was a contingency plan. Sam has to go to France to fight Baron Blood, a Nazi Vampire, who is going to release the plague. It’s too bad All New Cap is starting to find it’s feet just in time to be cancelled

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