March 25th 2015 comicbook review

Nightcrawler #12

Nightcrawler squares off against the warwolves while rescuing the kids.  The kids go on a mission to capture the boss who has been slave trading in kids.  They show that they know what it means to be an X-man.  With the warwolves defeated and the bad guys captured everyone returns home, putting a cap to the series that was announced last week it is 1 of the 33 being cancelled.  Overall I loved this issue because Claremont threw in a lot of references to when Nightcrawler faced the warwolves as a member of Excalibur.  I was hoping that this would be a title that returned after Secret  Wars, but from what I have read it doesn’t sound like it will be.  This has been by far one of my favorite titles because Chris Claremont wrote it.  He wrote so many of the stories that made me fall in love with comics.  His run on Nightcrawler has been a stroll down memory lane.  If this truly is the end of this title I want to say to Chris, “Thank you”.

Arkham Manor #6

With the killer in the asylum captured Batman has only one inmate to track down, which he does like 3 pages in.  This comic read as an ending before all the DC Endgame stuff coming up.  Unfortunately it felt like a hurry and tie up all the loose ends incase we don’t get to finish them later.  I loved the way this series started, so it disappoints me that this is how it ends.  Overall if this is the end of the series I appreciate that they wrapped everything up.  But I am disappointed that it did so in a couple of panels instead of a couple of issues.

Amazing X-men #18

The Living Monolith is the new Juggernaut and needs to be stopped.  So the team sits down and starts telling stories about other giants they have fought.  The new Juggernaut stops and stares at them perplexed why they aren’t attacking.  Colossus eventually realizes it is Cyttorak they need to face, not his avatar.  Colossus, Marko, Phoenix, and Pixie summon Cyttorak while the rest of the team gets to fighting Juggernaut.  Colossus challenges Cyttorak and we see the Living Monolith lose the powers of Juggernaut as a Juggernaut drops out of the sky to fight the Living Monolith.  Only problem is it is Marko not Piotr.  Overall I loved the “screw this, let’s sit down for a minute” attitude Storm and the others take.  Instead of a bunch of splash pages of more fighting we got some good writing.  And we get Colossus versus Juggernaut one more time before this title is cancelled due to Secret Wars.

Daredevil #14

Matt Murdock busts out a new look.  No more mask.  Matt finally embracing that the world knows he is Daredevil and using it to his advantage.  The new look DD teams up with the daughter of The Owl to find where her dad is, and who took him.  They find him in a precarious situation, and the Shroud their with him.  Howl jr thinks Shroud has something to do with it.  Next issue we will see who comes out on top.  Overall I don’t like the new look, it makes sense, but I don’t like it.  I hope it doesn’t last because without the horns he is just a lawyer in a red suit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #2

Hobb and Slash have some disagreements about how they should be doing things.  First during an “interrogation” of one of the scientist, and later on how to handle the information they received.  Ultimately their argument is rendered null…. Null is the baddy experimenting on mutants…..  The Mutanimals roll right into a trap and Slash and Mondo Gecko are the only 2 to escape.  Next issue they mount their rescue.  Overall the only interesting part of the story was Hobb and Slash arguing about what it means to be a hero.  I am excited for the next issue, but mostly because the only two characters I know in this book are Slash and Mondo Gecko.

Black Vortex (Guardians of the Galaxy #25, Nova #28, Legendary Star-Lord #10)

Vortexed Beast realizes he made a huge mistake bringing the original team into the present, and that he can’t fix it.  Meanwhile the team on the Kree home world, Hala, tries to reason with the Supreme Intelligence.  When that doesn’t work they just steal the Vortex back.  Nova tries to escape with it, but Knife shows up and decides it just easier to destroy the whole planet.  The team barely gets off planet and away from the explosion in time.  Nova is left unconscious floating next to the Vortex.  Meanwhile Rocket and Magic go to enlist the aid of the Vortexed heroes.  And Knife threatens the captured Cyclops, Groot, and Ice Man that if they don’t help him he will destroy Earth.

Nova grapples with whether or not he should submit to the Vortex.  We also see Thane being manipulated into believing our heroes slaughtered his “flock”.  Nova takes the Vortex home to Arizona only to have The Collector, literally, come knocking.  Nova runs all over the galaxy trying to slip The Collector.  Our original Vortexed person that was attacking the orphanage, on Spartax, senses the presence of the Vortex and bolts away.  Nova inadvertently takes the Vortex right to Thane who submits to it.  Now he has the power to go after those he thinks wronged him.

Knife convinces Thane to use his new power to encase the planet of Spartax in amber.  Leading to the orphanage and our heroes down there being encased.  Knife then turns the planet over to the Brood.  Star-Lord and the rest of the heroes that escaped Hala arrive on Spartax to find their friends encased in amber.  Quill sees Kitty and admits that he was wrong about all of this, and that he should have listened to her about destroying the mirror.  Kitty phases out, and the two have a moment.  Magic teleports Rocket and the Vortexed heroes to the orphanage, and Nova comes down to tell them how it happened.  Everyone is together again, sort of, just in time for the Brood to send down millions of creatures to implant Brood eggs into the helpless, innocent people of Spartax.  We learn Knife made a deal with the Brood to build his own empire.  We are left wondering how the Brood will be stopped before everyone has an egg in their brain bucket.

Overall if I wasn’t like I am I wouldn’t get anymore Black Vortex stories.  Unfortunately my personality is such that now I feel too deep into it, so I am going to see it through.  If you are like me and have been reading this, let’s start a support group.  If you have been reading it, but are able to quit on it, I envy you.  And if you didn’t start it feel fortunate and stay away.

Deadpool #44

Deadpool has a heart-to-heart with Omega Red convincing him that his real enemy are those who created him.  Omega agrees not to fight until he can ascertain the truth of his past.  And the Deadpool’s wife stabs Omega in the back, literally, with her hand.  Wade convinces her to just let him go.  The two have an intimate moment in the pyramid, and then Deadpool decides it is time to head home.  Shiklah decides to stay, and we discover that she knows why the sarcophagus are empty.  As Deadpool heads home Shiklah uncovers an army to take over the world.  Deadpool arrives back in New York to see a Roxxon army at the airport, and bad guys are about to take down Agent Preston’s house.  Overall I Liked the heart-to-heart with Red, but have to agree with DP’s wife.  Deadpool has gotten soft.  This may be blasphemous, but I am glad they are killing Deadpool.  We need a break from him to remember why we became fans of him to begin with.

All New Ghost Rider #12

The story had to rush to get to Robbie squaring off against Gabe, who was inhabited by Eli.  It came down to the love the brothers shared being stronger than Eli.  In the end Robbie makes a pact with Eli that they will only hunt down the worst scum of the earth.  Robbie thinks he is doing good by this, but these pacts always go wrong.  If, and I do mean IF, All New Ghost Rider comes back after Secret Wars expect a lot of early Johnny Blaze/Spawn type stories.  Struggling with the demon within, thinking doing good by killing criminals, and things of those nature.  Overall it was just an OK series; good enough to keep me reading, but no where near the other Riders.

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