Mark Ruffalo is the Fuzzy Puppy

Female James Bond Villains, Immortal Characters Dying, Chris Hemsworth’s adorable crush, and his shocking comments about Avengers 4. The news this week is quite a ride, so be sure to buckle up, because Branden is driving while under the influence of medication (and Yes it is medication. Don’t listen to Nik and Jeff.) We also give you an updates on the status of the Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko Pop Giveaway and our pending Musical Episode.

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We are giving away a Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko Pop to our Patrons on June 22nd.  Enter to win ->Here<- To win all you have to do is be a patron.  For every dollar that you’ve ever given us, or are currently pledged at you will get an entry to win. Currently we are $3 away from our goal that we set to do the musical episode. So if you become a patron you not only get a chance to win the funko pop, you also get a chance to make Jeff sing.  Its win win (I’m pretty sure at least.)


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