Marvel Vs DC Showdown – Episode 84

The Ulitmate Marvel Vs DC Showdown!

This week we put a random team of Marvel and DC Heroes against each other to see which publisher would win and in order to do that we brought on a special guest, Luke Hunsaker from the Nerd Dome Podcast.  Luke is the Podcaster Without Fear who’s secondary mutation is bringing all conversations back to Daredevil.

Rules:In order to determine which of the big two comic houses is superior all four of us selected 5 marvel characters and 5 DC characters totaling 20 characters from each side. I then put them through a random number generator to randomly generate the match ups that we have tonight. In order to prevent any biases and unfair advantages we will also be randomly selecting who is arguing for which character with each of us having a maximum of 2 battles. We will randomly choose a judge from the remaining two hosts, the last host gets to be the peanut gallery, interjecting thoughts, questions and possibly derailing arguments.

After everyone has a chance to make their arguments the judge then decides a winner and then decides a winning percentage. (51% is barely winning while 100% is winning every time)

Marvel Vs DC Matchups

Matchup 1 – Doctor Fate (Nik) vs Winter Soldier (Jeff)
Judge: Luke
Peanut Gallery: Branden

Winter Soldier uses his long range sniping techniques to shoot the helmet off of Doctor Fate’s host, but Doctor Fate has a few magical tricks up his sleeves as well.

Matchup 2 – Wonder Woman (Nik) v Doctor Strange (Luke)

Judge: Branden
Peanut Gallery: Jeff

Wonder Woman having been molded from clay by the Gods has the benefit of being resistant to magic on top of her extreme physical prowess, but will that be enough to stop the Sorcerer Supreme?

Matchup 3 – Cyborg (Branden) vs Thor (Jeff)

Judge: Nik
Peanut Gallery: Luke

A Thor and Cyborg mashup is going to result in a whole lot of hand to hand combat which would favor the Asgardian God, but don’t count out Cyborg and his technology.  Boom Tubes might be able to neutralize Mjolnir

Matchup 4 – Hal Jordan (Luke) vs Daredevil (Branden)

Judge: Jeff
Peanut Gallery: Nik

Hal Jordan is the Best of the Green Lantern Corp and yield the strongest weapon in the universe, but that doesn’t stop Daredevil from finding his one weakness and exploiting it, and no he doesn’t have to wear his classic yellow suit to do it.  After all the Green Lanterns haven’t been weakened by yellow since the 80’s.


Random Fandom

The Fandom Well has run dry and so we need you to send in your random fandoms to get us talking about things that we don’t normally think of.  You can send us a message or voice memo to, you can visit our Facebook page or leave us a message at

This week we have our guest choose our Random Fandom and Luke goes to his favorite Holiday (Halloween) to talk to us about movies that should be on our October viewing list.  Some of the shows that we talk about are The Exorcist, Ernest Scared Stupid, the Worst Witch, Cabin in the Woods, Rubber and so much more.  Luke even compiled a list of his 5 favorites Halloween Movies over at

Geek News

Jason David Frank is Bloodshot in a web series by Valiant

Archer has been renewed for Seasons 8, 9 & 10 with 10 being its final season

Doctor who won’t have a companion during the Christmas special, kind of, there will be a superhero… Kind of.

Luke Cage crashed Netflix

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and until next time: May the Fandom be With You!

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