Marvel’s Inhu-Mehs

Episode 135:

Marvel’s Inhumans first trailer came out to lackluster reviews and we were told that we just needed to be patient in order to let them fully finish things, and then a group of critics were allowed to see the pilot and again gave it lackluster reviews, and we were told that it wasn’t completely finished work again, and then it premiered in Imax in early September again to lackluster reviews, and I’m sorry, but three times makes a pattern.

Nik, Branden, and Jeff spend time talking about the things that we liked and that we didn’t like but come on who are we kidding, this is a superhero show on television and we are going to watch it.  Branden goes off on some rants, Nik liked it, and we’ll give you two guesses about how Jeff felt about it, and the first one doesn’t count.

Strap in, we’re going to the Moon.


Discovery breaks into the Pirate Bay’s top 10 list of pirated shows.

Men in Black spin off happening, and we blindside Nik with Hocus Pocus

DC dramatically shifts its plans for the DCEU…again

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