May 20th Comicbooks Review


Convergence: New Teen Titans #2

Cyborg is kidnapped by Doom Patrol in hopes that they can use his power source to travel back to their time.  Starfire blames herself for not killing their leader when she had the chance.  Her and Nightwing argue over why she shouldn’t kill them.  When the team finds Cyborgs location an all out brawl ensues.  Starfire must decide if she is going to listen to instinct, or to Nightwing.  The earthquake that has affected all of the cities shakes things up.  When things stop shaking Doom Patrol is gone.  Overall it was interesting, but the ending was abrupt.  It felt like they realized they were out of pages, so ….. end.


Spawn #252

Al Simmons wife remains in a safe house in hell, with demons trying to get her to open the door.  Meanwhile Al’s guide from heaven, Mike, leads him to an ally he must go down.  Al is confronted with demons from his former life.  This trip informs him of what his Spawn “suit” is truly made of.  To end the issue someone from Al’s former life in the CIA is presented with information that he is still around.  Overall a very fascinating story.  Spawn having to face his own demons to grow as Spawn.  Great story idea, and fantastic art.


Moon Knight #15

Moon Knight goes up against the Boogieman, and gets thrashed.  He asks Khonshu why the Egyptian god didn’t help.  Khonshu says he acted without permission, and can’t help if he does so again.  Marc knows the Boogieman must be stopped, so he goes old school.  Mercenary Spector brings his guns, and the help immensely.  With the last line we learn why Khonshu could not help.  Overall it was a good story that got better with gun wielding Marc Spector. And ended with a great reveal.


Ninjak #3

Ninjak has to ditch Roku, delete surveillance footage of himself, and get back to Kannon.  And he has only 8 minutes until Kannon wakes back up.  Easy for a ninja spy; even with some of Kannon’s thugs wandering around.  What could possibly not go Ninjak’s way?  In flashbacks we see him reacting a little revenge on his “caretaker” and the start of his self sufficiency.  Overall not the best story so far.  It was really more of a “let’s establish Ninjak’s tech” story.


Daredevil #15.1

Matt shares some Daredevil stories while Foggy works on his autobiography.   The first story is of how he came to terms with being a lawyer during the day, and a vigilante at night.  The second story is a battle with Diablo where Matt realized he could stretch his “radar sense” to work like sonar.  Overall for a point 1 it was well constructed.  The stories tied together well with what has been going on in the series.  And they were good “histories” of the character.


Convergence #7

Deimos and Telos throw down for who is truly in control of the world of battle.  When it is revealed that Deimos wants everyone fighting because his power comes from the dead, everyone wisens up and stops.  Telos gains the upper hand and restrains Deimos, and all those that fought on his side.  Deimos breaks his bonds and is destroyed by an eviler Hal Jordan.  Unfortunately this causes all of reality to start breaking apart.  Overall this was the most coherent issue so far.  And the different heroes from different Earths fighting was great art.


Convergence: Wonder Woman #2

Wonder Woman vs Vampire Joker for the fate of their respective cities.  The question isn’t so much who will win, but what Wonder Woman will lose along the way.  The cult ladies are already turned, as well as Diana’s friend.  Will her husband Steve survive the fight?  And even though they are un-dead will Wonder Woman feel any better about having to break them to stop them?  Overall it was the consequences of the victory that made this story good.  But it was rather lacking compares to some of the other Convergence battle stories.

portrait_uncanny (1)

Planet Hulk #1

Greenland, home of the Hulks, an unruly place.  Captain America and Devil Dinosaur, winner of the gladiatorial games.  Cap’s mistake is kidnapping Arcade in hopes of getting information on where Bucky is.  Doom’s solution is to send Cap to Greenland.  Where, supposedly, Bucky was sent before him.  Cap and Devil arrive, and link up with their contact, Hulk.  Then we get a short story on how Planet Hulk came to pass.  A gamma bomb attack that couldn’t be stopped is modified to save everyone.  They just all happen to turn it to green rage monsters.  Overall it was a nice set-up for this short series.  But I am hoping it gets more interesting.  So far the Secret Wars tie-ins have been underwhelming.


Secret Wars: Battle World #1

Battle World gives us 2 stories. In the first Frank Castle, with the ghost of Dr Strange, is hunted by a Hulk, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Spider-man.  They are to bring him in alive, on Doom’s orders. But this Punisher won’t go without a fight. The second story we see M.O.D.O.K. devise a plan to overthrow Doom. He brings in all the other M.O.D.O.K.’s to help him. But, as expected, they cannot get along. Two Thor officers are sent in, and find them all defeated. Overall the first story was good, but the second was childish. I was expecting something more epic from the Battle World title.


A-Force #1

Arcadia, a small island in Battle World, protected by A-Force.  On morning patrol some of the team is attacked by a prehistoric shark.  In her frustration one of the heroes, Ms America, throws the shark over the shield.  Seems like a good thing to do; unfortunately it breaks one of Doom’s laws.  Ms America is sentenced to spend the rest of her life patrolling the shield, and She-Hulk can’t stop it.  What She-Hulk can do is find out how the shark got in.  She sends the Namor’s to investigate.  Meanwhile someone new comes crashing to their little island.  Overall this was the best of the Secret Wars comics I picked up.  Which is to say it was slightly better than average.


Deadpool: Secret Wars #1

Deadpool pops up in the 1984 Secret Wars story.  The dialogue is 97% the same from the original telling.  It’s basically the same story with some Deadpool trying to be a hero stuff added in.  And true to form this had a second story.  Deadpool convinces the Grandmaster and Death to pit some b-listers against each other since they weren’t chosen for the real Secret Wars.  Overall I am mad at myself for continuing to buy Deadpool comics.  The writing of him has been sub-par.  He is not the same character he once was.  If you do decide to read it, just know you can skip the second story if you really want too.

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