May 27th Comicbooks Review


Black Widow #18

Natasha kills the head of Chaos, quits SHIELD, and lets her “lawyer” go; and that’s only the first half of the issue.  Natasha talks with the Avengers about coming back on the team.  Then she sails off with her cat.  Not alone, but not close to someone.  Cause no one can know her full story.  Just when it looks like the perfect end the last two pages give us another tease.  Overall this series has hit it out of the park every issue.  I love how they wrapped things up, but then left things open for more with the end.


All New Hawkeye #3

Clint and Katie take the kids to SHIELD.  But Katie doesn’t like the answers she gets from Maria Hill.  Maria shares some quiet info with Clint before they leave the room.  The Katie does the only logical thing and breaks the kids out.  With no where else to go they take them to Clint’s apartment.  In the flashback panels Clint and his brother watch the show and are amazed by Swordsman.  Overall the best part of this series so far has been the flashbacks.  It has been very well balanced, and displayed between what’s going on in the present and the past.


Outcast #8

So much amazingness in this issue.  We learn more about the creepy old guy who moved in next door.  More about the old lady that doesn’t want them around.  They find the girl Sherry and she gives answers that lead to bigger questions.  And Kyle better understands how to drive the evil out, as he drives the evil out of Sherry.  But did they truly help her?  Overall this has been the best issue yet.  And that is saying something because last months was the best issue.  Each month they are just improving and improving.


Invisible Republic #3

Our reporter friend has to choose between giving the journal over for help, and dropping it to help himself.  He chooses the latter.  Then he must rush down and chase the man who gets to it first.  In chasing the man we see how dire things are on this planet.  Lucky for him in the chaos that happens he is able to retrieve the bag.  From the journal we learn that Arthur and Maia are still running after Arthur’s face ended up on the news for the death of the soldiers.  After narrowly escaping the cops Arthur pushes Maia overboard and is seemingly killed.  Maia comes to a realization about her place in this world.  Overall I am really enjoying the world they are establishing.  I’m not usually a political person, but this story is doing it in a way that appeals to the soldier in me.


Convergence #8

With Deimos dead the time forces he had are unleashed causing all reality to be destroyed.  The only hope is Brainiac.  Who now sees the error of his ways and agrees to fix things.  In order to fix things a Flash and a Supergirl must go back to the events that originally caused the problems.  And with that everything is fixed and back to normal.  Overall I am as lost and confused as ever.  Lost and confused as to what the purpose of all of this was, other than to be 30 years behind Marvel’s first Secret Wars event.

portrait_incredible (1)

Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan picks up right where the Wolverine: Old Man Logan story arc left off.  Logan is taking out the evil left in this world and encouraging people to build a better world.  When an Ultron 5 head falls to Earth Logan heads back to Vegas seeking answers.  He finds a desilet town, and Emma Frost.  The info she gives him sends him on a new mission bigger than just his world.  Overall I totally loved this issue.  The art is amazing, reminiscent of the original arc.  And the fact that it picks up where the other arc left off was genius.


Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #12

So this time it really is the last issue.  The city is cleaning up the mess, the people of the Immortal City are going home with a new leader.  And Danny has a new student to teach.  Fast forward 6 months and Danny is out on a date with the “reporter” that fell in love with him.  When He confesses his love to her, she reveals who she really is.  While he is on his “date” his student finds a way to resurrect all of the previous Iron Fist dragons.  Overall a cleaner ending to the series, but that’s the first 1/3.  The rest is establishing more story for a possible next series.  But this one is truly over this time.


Secret Wars 2099 #1

The Avengers of 2099 are backed by a company called Alchemax.  They get things taken care of for them.  In return they have to drop everything when it’s time to go be a hero.  And to say the team is dysfunctional would be an understatement.  Seeing each of the Avengers “flaws” makes for an interesting story.  This Secret Wars tie in actually has me intrigued as to how it will all come together.  Overall good art, good story, great character development.  This weeks Secret War tie-ins hit it out of the park.


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