May 3rd Episode Thoughts

mario World Video Game Hall of Fame.

This week the news broke that they are starting a World Video Game Hall of Fame.  The 15 on the list to be voted in are, in alphabetical order, Angry Birds, Doom, FIFA Soccer series, The Legend of Zelda series, Minecraft, The Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, Pokemon series, Pong, The Sims series, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros series, Tetris, and World of Warcraft.  Before I give my 5 that I would vote in I want to say some things about a few of the games on this list.

Angry Birds: I understand why it made the list; when you add in the impact it had on mobile gaming apps it was definitely a “pioneer”.  But it is still so relatively new that I do not think it deserves to be in the inaugural class, let alone on the inaugural list.  I have no doubt that it will some day be voted into this Hall of Fame, just not in this class.  FIFA Soccer: My first reaction was “Why is FIFA on this list and Madden Football is not?” When I saw that this was a World Hall of Fame it makes a lot more sense for FIFA to be on the inaugural list.  In terms of sports there is no bigger sport in the world than Futbol, or Soccer to us.  The Oregon Trail: It saddens me to think that there are generations of kids going through school that will never understand how devastating it was to die of dysentery.  Pokemon: This one was a sneaky entry onto the list.  I think that it goes underrated because of the TV show and card game.  Most people forget that the games were developed and released in Japan and subsequently launched the TV show that has now spanned generations.  Pong: Anyone who does not have Pong on their list needs to be smacked, twice so if they put Angry Birds on their list.  For everything that Angry Birds has meant to mobile gaming, Pong has meant to video games.  This needs to be the first, not just in the first class, but the first video game into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.  World of Warcraft: I could not have World of Warcraft in a post and not take a shot at Kortland for playing the game, and subjecting me to learning about it for April’s Superhero Trial.  I hate you KORTLAND!

Now that that is covered, here are my 5 I would vote in; if I had a vote, and if only 5 can be voted on: 1) Pong. 2] Space Invaders. 3} Pac-Man. 4> The Oregon Trail 5- Super Mario Brothers.  I think those on the list are deserving for what the meant for video games in general, or their genre specifically.  I have no doubt that these games will eventually be in, but I think homage to the classics needs to be paid before others receive such a high honor.

Free Comic Book Day.

Unfortunately I could not participate in the festivities of Free Comic Book Day.  Fortunately Dark Soldiers Comics in Sandy has me taken care of.  I stopped in to get some reading for the next 2 weeks.  They were telling me about an artist they have coming to do signings.  They are going to get an issue signed for me since I cannot make it in.  Thank You Dark Soldiers.

Contreversial Fandoms

I understand that it is a subject.  I know it is something that some of the others wanted to talk about.  I just don’t get it.  To me this is the “Age of the Geek”, and I define being a geek as: being overly pationate about a subject.  Just because certain fandoms may not be in your wheel house, or you don’t think they should “count” doesn’t mean they do not have fans.  We should embrace each others fandoms, and tell each other “I do not understand it, but I understand your passion.” Except for World of Warcraft *COUGH* Kortland.  What I find more disheartening is people being up in arms over “contreversies” in the comic world.  The latest being Ice Man is gay.  So what? It is not like he is the first homosexual comicbook figure.  A couple years ago one of the covers for Astonishing X-men was the wedding ceremony for a homosexual couple.  Just as I said before, if you don’t like it that is fine, but that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t.  The mantle of Captain America can be worn by anyone of any racial background.  A female is just as capable of being worthy of the power of Thor as any male.  And a hero can have whatever sexual orientation they desire.  Comics should reflect our world of today.

Fandoms you probably aren’t following, but should be.

1) Outcast by Robert Kirkman.  I usually don’t go in for the scary, supernatural type of fandoms.  They just aren’t my cup of tea.  However, after meeting Elizabeth Breitweiser at SLCC14 and finding out she is the colorist on the series I figured I would try it out.  It is an amazing story that is well written, fantastically drawn, and the colors are awesome.  Issue 8 just dropped April 29th (my review of it is already posted).  The first TPB collecting the first few issues is also available.  If you are looking for something new to read check it out.

B) Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen.  Only 2 issues in (reviews in earlier posts) and this title has me as intrigued as anything in the last few years.  It has a great Sci-fi, anderoid-with-human-qualities thing going on.  And you may be thinking I have seen these stories before, but this series feels more genuine than others that have come before it.  The creative team is doing fantastic on establishing the world they are presenting and giving reasons to care for these characters.  And with only 2 issues so far it is a perfect time to jump in.

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