Mind Palaces and Head Canon – Sherlock: The Abominable Bride – Episode 48

Is Mycroft smarter than Sherlock? Is Sherlock a Sociopath? Are Martin Freeman and Bumblebee Cucumberbottom taking over every Fandom? Calculate the risks and dive deep into your Memory Palace to talk some Sherlock Head Canon with us!

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The Moff has found his replacement and that is bringing delays
Suicide Squad Trailer – What is your favorite version of Harley?
Sundance film festival going on till the 31st of January
Star Wars Episode 8 pushed back to Dec 15

Follow Up from previous episode
CBS website on Edge on Xbox One requires Flash and so it doesn’t work
Tv season is in full swing and is awesome Legends of Tomorrow and Agent Carter are not disappointing

Weekly Trivia: What Movie from the mid 90’s starring Val Kilmer does Nik get the name of his Video Game avatar, “August Christopher” from?

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Sherlock Season 4 Episode 0: The Abominal Bride

Spoiler Free Synopsis
Alternative Universe
Mycroft Holmes
Molly has to masquerade as a man
Is it sloppy writing or are the Characters based off of what Sherlock thinks about them
Who is the villain?
Mind Palace
There are no current places to stream it online

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