Modern Day Sasquatch – Touching Panels – Ep 183

This week we’re coming up on FanX Salt Lake, the convention which they aren’t allowed to say was formerly known as Salt Lake Comic Con, but we totally can. When you probably think of Comic Cons you think of Celebrities, Cosplay, and Crowds but you may not realize that there is a wealth of knowledge in the Panels!  If you like listening to Podcasts then you probably would really enjoy said panels. Today we’re talking about the specific panels which we find interesting, but also some of the generic things that we look for when we’re picking our Panel Schedule


Panel Draft


Freebie: Twisted Toonz



  1. Paul Draper
  2. Taste of Plastic – Doug Wagner
  3. How to look cool with a lightsaber
  4. Smallville Friends to Foes Tragedy or destiny?
  5. Go Go Power Rangers



  1. Giant Robot Rumble
  2. Galaxy Quest to Trek
  3. Star Trek DS9: 25th Anniversary panel
  4. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  5. Makers of Stories: Writing Novels & Short Stories



  1. Jackie Chan’s Jaw Dropping Action Clips
  2. Secrets to writing and selling a children’s picture book
  3. Alternate History Panel / Workshop
  4. Tick Tick Kaboom: Launching an RPG Campaign
  5. World’s Weirdest fight scenes round 3

Hey guys we’re doing a funko pop giveaway for my birthday and if you want to get a Bob Ross Deadpool Funko text Fandom to 31996 and a winner will be chosen on September 11th at 4pm MST – May the odds be ever in your favor… no really right now they’re pretty much in your favor…

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