Mothers in Fandom Draft Board

I am sorry I missed this episode.  But not wanting to leave you without my thoughts, here is my “draft board” for the mothers in fandom.  I am interested to find out who I got, and the others took.  Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and espicially to my mom and my sister, love ya.


1) Molly Weasley:

The mother of 7 kids still finds room in her heart to add Harry as a surrogate son. With the exception of some of Percy’s choices after he graduates, her kids are all great. Even the twins are a success in their chosen endeavor. She has taught her kids to stand up for what is right by her actions and through her love.

2) Amy Pond:

Who else could be the mother of the woman that the Doctor loves? Especially when you find out how she influenced River without raising River. As kids she was a friend to River, not knowing their relationship. As the Doctor’s companion she was supportive of the Doctor’s relationship with River, not knowing she was her mom. And once she knew River was her daughter she loved her and treated her as if she had raised her from day 1.

3) Cersei Lanister:

Horrible human being aside Cersei is a loving mother. Especially if you have read the books. As things unfold you see that nothing matters more to her than her kids. All of the moves she makes playing the game of thrones is not for herself, but for her children. Granted Joffery was despicable, and deserved to die, but Marcella and Tomen are wonderful. It is hard not to respect a mother that is willing to do so much for her children.

4) Dr Beverly Crusher:

She is the Chief Medical Officer for Star Fleet’s flagship, NCC-1701-D, the Enterprise. Her son is a genius who is made an acting ensign because Captain Picard recognizes his brilliance. And she only managed to do this with Wesley’s father dying when he was young. Much respect for single mom raising an outstanding son while reaching the heights of her profession.

5) Martha Kent:

The mother of Superman is a great woman indeed. Especially when you consider that Clark isn’t hers biologically. She loved and accepted a child who slowly developed powers no other man should have. Instead of freaking out, she loved him even more. The fact that Superman grew up to be a hero, and not a world conqueror is a testament to the love and guidance he was shown as a child.

6) Sarah Connor:

How would most women react to being told that machines from the future have come back in time to kill her because her son is the leader of the human resistance? Sarah runs with it making sure John is as trained and ready as possible for his destiny.

7) Teresa Wiggin:

How many people can be the mother of the commander who saved the human race, and of the leader who united Earth under one government.  And least we not forget the daughter who quitely wrote the histories of the universe as Iit expanded.  Ender was lucky who had a mother that loved him enough to not want him to go, but was willing to sacrifice for the needs of everyone else.


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