News: Fantastic Beasts and How to ___ Them

News Episode 142:

Buckle up for news! This week there is a lot.  We cover news about a possible Mario movie from Illumination Entertainment, Fantastic Beasts 2 gets a title and a first look, Hulk is getting a Trilogy, Kind of…. Another Spider-man movie without Spidey, Multiple Man movie (No it’s not multiplicity), The Last Jedi will be a bladder buster, Nik doesn’t like Josh Gad, Netflix gets into the Comic book business, and oh so many tangents!


This week we had feedback from William and Amy

William in response to our questions about the Infinity Stones’ location, The quantity of jokes in Thor, and that one movie that Nik couldn’t remember was:

1. Maybe with Heimdall, how else can you explain his ability to view all of reality?
2. Yes there were. I was laughing throughout most the movie, which is good, but it didn’t feel like a Thor movie. it felt like they changed Thor’s basic character.
3. Team America World Police?

Amy agreed with us and didn’t when it comes to Thor and points out that The Sorcerer Supreme was just a glorified Uber Driver

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