News: Movie Season is a Feeling in your Heart

Its that magical time of year when everyone comes together to celebrate humanity and epic stories are told around a glowing … movie screen… With Avengers Infinity War coming out last weekend we talked a little bit about the dominance that they had and how production companies would like movie season to be year round.  We also talked about some good old nostalgic X-Men Cards, Star Trek Boldly Going… Finally, and our experience at Wasatch Comic Con!

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  1. Infinity War is the Biggest Global Opener EVER –
  2. New X-men Trading Cards –
  3. Star Trek gets first female director  
  4. Wasatch Con Review

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Sexy Ian Malcom from Wendy- So it appears you can get Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko on eBay – there’s even a couple of autographed ones… for 300$$$+ (but that’s just in Canadian dollars so like half price in the U.S. right!? Hahaha LOL)

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