News: Sulu a Star Trek Story

Infinity War breaks a billion and Solo beats out Black Panther and get ready for the movie that you didn’t know that you wanted, Sulu: A Star Trek Story… really listen to Jeff and Branden workshop it and you won’t be disappointed… okay, you probably won’t be disappointed… fine, we missed Nik on this episode (But don’t tell him that we told you so.) 

While Nik is away, Branden and Jeff make a bunch of decisions, our Next Random Fandom was suggested by John Irons (Not related to Jeremy, we checked) and it is Movies that we think are perfect.  We set a date for the Sexy Ian Malcolm… Funko Pop Patreon giveaway, so be sure to sign up as a patron for a chance to win (right now its pretty high) and Congratulations Annicka Borges for winning our Star Wars Day competition.

Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko Pop
Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko Pop

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  1. Avengers Infinity War makes it to $1 billion faster than any other movie ever
  2. Solo advanced ticket sales DOUBLE Black Panther – Take that Jeff
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