News: Vitruvian Superman

Episode 164:

This week in our news roundup we decipher Marvel’s code to success, we talk about the proper way to wear underwear, the most unlikely comic variant covers you will ever find, Steven Spielberg’s tone in movies has completely changed, then changed again, and maybe its changing back, and here’s a conspiracy for you, James Cameron isn’t actually a human, he’s a Pot, and he also got in trouble for calling a kettle black.  And because of deals and mergers we aren’t going to get Deadpool 3 for a while.

News Stories

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  1. Superman Turned 80
  2. Steven Spielberg Directing DC’s BlackHawk –
  3. James Cameron hopes that Avengers Fatigue Sets in Soon  –
  4. X-Men Dark Phoenix will be the Last Fox Marvel Movie.

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