Nickelodeon Got Dark – Episode 176

Nickelodeon has some dark, dark theories.  So much so that live action remakes would probably fit well in the DCEU, which by the way Jeff fixed after finding out that its set in a futuristic 1950’s with a little bit of wibbly wobbly timey wimey help from the new speedster Jodi Whitaker, but its a shame that men have driven Jeff away from Doctor Who because between not being excited after where Capaldi took Doctor Who his reaction to Birds of Prey is starting to look like a pattern, but I promise that it is just correlation because sometimes when you start saying words things come out that don’t sound the way you meant to make it… Also Jeff never inhaled… and Nik is better late than never… we think.

News-Sponsored by Patron Nik
Big News – New Doctor Who Teaser –

Under the Radar- Birds of Prey Lineup announced

WildCard- Rugrats Returning

Fuzzy Puppy- There are only 48 States in the DCEU

Feed Back
Hunchback Casting Mistake… Turns out that image with the casting was a hoax but we’re going to play a game!

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