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This is our News roundup for the Second week of February.  Which means this is your last chance to enter to win the Star Wars Rebels Funko Pop.  We have a lot of news this week so be sure to check out the show notes for links to all of the stories.  What won’t be in the show notes are Nik’s ideas for ESPN’s new streaming service, their people can call his people.  Be sure to pay attention to the Announcements because we are resurrecting the Random Fandom and want you guys to participate.  This time it will be more book club style than a short 15ish minute talk about a random fandom.  The media that we’re focusing on this month is Artemis by Andy Weir.  Be sure to let us know what you think.


  • We will be at Wizarding Dayz February 23rd & 24th
  • Wasatch Comic Con will be happening April 27th & 28th
  • Random Fandom! This month we are talking about Artemis on February 25th so let us know what you think about it before then.


Feed Back

From William:


Jef (in the #outakes) is now complaining that I listened to him and provided context for the Outros I submitted?? Boy I just can’t win with this guy.

Ok so I’ve written notes to comment on what y’all have said and just not sent them in and at this point I have no idea what some of these notes are in reference to, but here they are anyway:

I totally understand calling yourself out in a friendly game. I’ve called myself out any number of times. But I was rooting for you Nik and I wanted to see you CRUSH the competition. 😁

You’ve mentioned once or twice before that you’re looking for a name for your Fandomites. I like the name Fandomites, but I know you don’t.









Fickle Fans of the Fandomverse (Tri-F’s)

Brandon, you mentioned how important it was to see yourself as the hero in some of the movies in . However, in an earlier podcast you complained about people who saw themselves as Luke and are upset about where his character has gone. That he’s become a unkempt hermit who has given up on life. You specifically said “screw you” to those fans. You then showed off your daughter who looks at Rey and says, “that’s me”.

In 35 years will you be telling your daughter, “screw you” (as you said to the Luke fans?), if she complains that Star Wars: The Newest Jedi (episode 20) stars a robot who can use the Force, while Rey has become an unwashed recluse living in a box on Coruscant? Why is it not okay for people who grew up seeing themselves as Luke to be upset with how he lives now?

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Random Fandom Club

Artemis by Andy Wier

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