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You thought with the holiday season that there wasn’t going to be much news, didn’t you?  Well guess what, we found it!  We have a classic Actress wants work story, a Harry Potter Augmented reality game by the makers of Pokemon Go, and Nik’s Internet decides to take a break in the middle of recording. Oh and Apple might buy Netflix.


D&D Movie : Patrick S R Clark Ah yes, the D&D movie. There were two sequels. The first one tried to stick closer to the rules of the game, so much so that you can almost hear the dice hit the table. It’s actually worse than the first one, demonstrating that what makes a good game does not automatically make a good script

The second sequel also tries to capture the game feel, but also tries to tell a better story. YMMV on their success. That one is on YouTube art last check.


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Jeff: What are we going to do next podcast?
Nik: The same thing we do every podcast, try to make people think we actually know what we’re talking about!

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