This is the News Roundup for the Last week of March 2018.  Nik is Back! And he noticed that Jeff and I rearranged the furniture. In this episode we talk about the future of Cinema, what happens to Good stories when studios can’t leave them alone.  We do some silly walking and fight about the new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Also… Kids don’t do drugs… I hope Nik’s Happy now.

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Feedback from The William the 2nd:

In regards to the Solo posters and their “obvious” “inspiration” from the French graphic artist:
Yeah, I don’t think so. I agree they look extremely similar to that artists work, however that artist isn’t the only one to use a blank poster and fill the words with images. Spice by the Spice Girls (https://goo.gl/images/8Avtw6) for instance.

And no one in the graphics arts field copies (or is inspired by) anyone else! Ever!
Movie posters:
Gone in 60 Seconds vs 100 Mile Rule (https://goo.gl/images/ss6LbH)
The Breakfast Club vs. American Teen (https://goo.gl/images/W9tqQT)
Here’s a Gizmodo article with tons of examples https://gizmodo.com/5857101/have-you-ever-noticed-that-all-movie-posters-look-the-same

The French graphic artist better hope he came up with the design himself without even unconscious influence because I’m pretty sure if we spent enough time looking through album covers, movie posters, comic covers, etc there will be something awfully similar.

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