Overlooked, Disrespected, and Snubbed Fandoms – Ep 203

Recently our favorite political pundit Bill Maher has doubled down on his Comic Book Hate, telling us that we shouldn’t like what we like, and that we should read some more (which is funny because the reason that he has spoken up again is because he wrote it on his blog and not many people saw it and so when his tv show came back he decided to use that platform) We talked about Bill Maher’s comments in a previous episode, and The Nerd Dome Podcast had a good discussion about it on their last episode so rather than talking about Maher, we’re going to be talking about some other fandoms that get looked down on.

From the Fandomaniacs:

Roger Prows – Horror 

Patrick Clark – Old Time Radio

Our Fandoms


  • Figure Drawing
  • Musicals


  • Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Little House on the Prairie


  • Anime
  • New Media


John Irons: I’ve got your two types of binging: Passive Binging is when it’s just on in the background. Active Binging is when you actually sit down and pay attention.

Next Week:

Fandom N00bz – We will each be trying a new show that the other two have already seen.  Nik will be watching The Magicians, Tayler will try out Doctor Who, and Branden will be meeting the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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