Packing the Ultimate Con Bag

The Ultimate Con Bag

When you go to conventions there are some basic necessities like water, snacks and phone chargers that you bring, we’re going to assume that you have all that already, but tonight we’re imagining that we can have any items from the Fandomverse in our packs to solve any problem that we can imagine, and then maybe some real world things we can do to solve the problem.  Our items come from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Stargate and even Disney Movies.  Reach out to us in the comments to let us know what items you would want to bring with you and why.

If you are looking for more realistic suggestions check out last year’s SLCC survival guide, most if not all of the tips are still applicable today.

You can find a series of shorter episodes for FanX at

If You’re looking for a good 20,000 mah Battery charger that won’t break the bank check out this one

Random Fandom

This week because of time constraints we didn’t share a Random Fandom but we are still taking submissions.  The Random Fandom is the segment where we talk about the Fandoms that are near and dear to your heart that don’t have the largest main stream adoption.  We’ve talked about childhood cartoons, books that got us reading, comics that once were and many other things that listeners have close to their heart.  If you want us to share your random fandom get a message to us using the links at the bottom of this post or over on social media and we will spend some time geeking out about your favorite fandom.

Top News

Harry Potter News

Vin Diesel confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the Avengers

Sony casts Zendaya to be the new Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man Homecoming and Nerds freak out

John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell have been rumored to have been cast in a Sherlock Holmes adaptation by Sony

Jared Leto not happy about how much Joker was cut from Suicide Squad

Mark Hamill and William Shatner to have Salt Lake Comic Con panels at the Vivint Arena which seats about 20,000


Mike Bennett wrote in about the true value of his comics and Joe Darowski wrote in to tell us that Mike’s loss hurt his soul.

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May the Fandom Be with You

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