Paper, Kindle, Audio, Lizard, Spock – Episode 62

Nowadays everyone has their own opinions on the “best” ways to “read” books, and we tackle the different book formats and discuss the pros and cons in order to determine what the best way to get these stories are.  We cover the Paper vs Digital book war and talk about some of the key differences between those and Audio books with Lena English.  Which is best?  Well you’ll just have to listen to us and make that decision for yourself, but all the experts agree that people that consume novels are more empathetic than those who don’t.

Where the disagreement comes in is which format is better for what topics?  Some studies have shown that it is harder to put plot points in order if you read the book on a kindle rather than the paper version, and we find that sometime its even harder to put together plot points while listening to Audio books, especially while Pole Dancing.

Our Picks

Lena – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil –

Jeff – Scott Sigler Galactic Football League Series –

Branden – Audible‘s New Scifi Channel –

Other Picks – The Maze RunnerGrimnoir SeriesReady Player One

BoyWonder Trivia:

What is the name of the Wookie Home World?  Bonus points for phonetic spelling

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Top News:

The Chinese Develop a Dalek

Star Wars day is May 4th (May the Fourth be with you)

Netflix picks up a Punisher Series


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