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Bad Character Adaptations – Groin Flaps and Wolverine Wings – Episode 111

Joe joins us on this episode to talk about what makes a good character adaptation vs what doesn’t.  We talk about Hawkeye’s transition from the comic panels to the big screen and Hollywood’s Video Game Movie curse.

In the news, we also talk quite a bit about how comics make commentary on modern times and Joe’s prolific publications (bet you can’t say that 5x fast)

Golden Age Balderdash with Joe Darowski – Episode 100

Branden thought that he was being clever by inventing a game that could be played on the podcast and as soon as he described it to Joe the connection was made to Balderdash.  We take characters from the Golden Age of Comics and without hints try to guess their powers, sidekicks, backstories and gadgets.

Fanfic Death Match – Episode 94

After learning about Fan Fiction we decided to create some elevator pitches for fan stories that we would like to see.  We brought on Todd to teach us in the art of the Elevator Pitch, and if you stick around till the end you will hear an amazing rendition of the Impossible Dream.

Reboots, Remakes, and Rip Offs – Episode 83

I sure hope you like the movie Clue 😉  Andrew fit right in with all of the Clue references during this episode where we talked about the potential reboot of the Cult Classic, Clue.  Then we talk about movies that were Remade and even Ripped off.  When you can draw a straight line connecting Seven Samurai, Magnificent Seven, and A Bugs Life, then you know you are in the thick of it.

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