Q&A Extravaganza!

Episode 150:

To Celebrate 150 Episodes we turned our format on its head for an episode and reached out to you for Questions about anything you wanted, and boy did you deliver!  In this Giant Sized Episode you get a nearly uncut experience of what its like to hang out with the three of us.  There wasn’t a single #Outakes moment, it was all left in there.  We welcome any responses to the things we said.  You can send them to us on Facebook, Twitter (@Fandomcast), or email Feedback@FandomPodcast.com


  • Desert island: You can each bring a novel, a TV series, a movie, a comic book, and a video game. What are your 5 pieces of media to keep you company on the island?
  • What are your top 5 could-watch-over-and-over-again movies?
  • What one fandom do you feel that you are not a part of, but you wish you could be part of?
  • If you could pick any movie to do a minute-by-minute podcast of, what would you choose and why?
  • What has been your favorite episode to record?  What are some of your favorite fandom podcast moments?  What are some of your favorite inside jokes or callbacks that you keep referring back to over and over?
  • If you could invent one new Bat-Gadget what would it be? That is my question?
  • If you could make one fictional character real (insert them into this world), who would it be and why?
  • Similar question: Which fictional character, if made real, would have the greatest positive impact on the world?
  • Silly answers are fine, but I’d like you to take a serious crack at it as well 🙂
  • If each of you could be inserted into a fandom of your choice what would your characters story be and how would they interact with the main story arc?
  • Jeff, what is the one funk-o pop that would complete your collection, or the one that would be a “need to have” for you?
  • Congratulations on recording your 150th episode!! Looking forward to episode 300 – which guests would you like to see on the show between now and then?!
  • I know at least Nik and Brandon are Harry Potter fans – I’m a huge fan myself – what would be something from the books that they left out in the movies that really grinded your gears??
  • What movie is the most quotable in day to day life?
  • One more: what changes made to a character trigger your nerd rage? Like say, changing a major character’s name to Michelle instead of Mary Jane.
  • Here are a couple questions, feel free to choose any, all, or none of them.
  • 1) Has doing a weekly podcast about fandom changed your own fandom? Do you think about things differently?
  • 2) What are moments from your last 149 episodes that stand out?
  • 3) What’s the most frustrating behind the scenes moment as you’ve tried to keep a weekly (now twice weekly) release schedule?
  • Question for you what movies would you want to see remade that Micheal Bay doesn’t have a party in?
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Why 42?
  • If an author dies should their estate allow their fandom to continue? (Dune, Wheel of Time, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, etc)
  • How do you guys know eachother?
  • How have you gone 150 episodes when so many others quit after 10?
  • What language(s) do you wish you knew?
  • What’s your ideal mutant/super power?
  • What fandom universe would you like to live in? Like to visit? NEVER EVER visit?
  • Your pick for March Maddness
  • Why did you start the podcast?
  • DC or Marvel?
  • Do you speak any other languages?
  • What’s your lottery dream? (250MM+)
  • Anime currently watching?
  • Who is your waifu?
  • Firefly is _________.
  • Animation, is it a genre or a medium?
  • FLCL season 2, any thoughts?
  • Do you read fanfiction?

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