What kind of Podcast Listener are you?

What Kind of Podcast Listener are you?

From Pop Culture to Politics, and True Crime to Audio Dramas there is a podcast out there for anyone, but not every podcast is for everyone.  Take this quiz and find out what kind of Podcast Listener you are.

What kind of Podcast Listener are you?

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What is the most important thing for a podcast to have?

1. A Call to Action
2. Concise Information
3. Closure
4. Personal Stories
5. Audio Quality
Question 2 of 4.

A podcast host should have experience in...

1. Teaching
2. Broadcasting
3. Comedy
4. Running a Business
5. Creating narratives
Question 3 of 4.

A Podcast should be...

1. Entertaining
2. Educational
3. Inspiring
4. Intriguing
5. Free from Background Noise
Question 4 of 4.

I would pay for ______ from my favorite Podcast

1. Swag (tshirts, mugs, pins)
2. A Textbook
3. An Online Course
4. Research notes
5. Crowdfunding (it's a more efficient way to support a show)

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What kind of Podcast Listener are you?

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