Reboots, Remakes and Rip Offs – Episode 83

Joining us this week to talk about Movie Reboots, Remakes and Rip Offs we have the Producer of the Protagonist Podcast ( Andrew Darowski and Nik’s better half Lena English.

Random Fandom

IPD-Round-400International Podcast Day is September 30th and that is a good reminder to share our favorite podcasts with those around us.  We go over the podcasts that we listen to and find that there is something for everyone.  In our listens we have shows about Industry News, TV shows, Fictional stories, Comedians, How To’s, Sports and a ton of other subjects.  Between the five of us we have a quite the list and its too much to type out here, but when you listen to our list be sure to pick one and check it out.

Let us know what podcasts that you listen to, or suggest a Random Fandom for us to cover by emailing us

Geek News

Pottermore has new patronus quiz
-Nik is ready to disown Pottermore, we shall not speak of his patronus … except to mock it

New DC Movies will have a lighter tone

New Doctor Who Spin Off – Class will cover more mature topics, younger children should not watch it.

Power Rangers Zords and Bill Hader Cast as Alpha

Reboots Remakes and Rip Offs

Right now there are about 100 movie remakes and reboots in the works and we are very passionate about a few of them


This movie is a cult classic and while we usually say, wait to see it before you judge it but we have made our decision.  Recapturing lighting in a bottle is difficult enough for an experienced cast and crew but most of the people involved in this have very limited experience, some with this being their first film role.  We come up with some ideas for what would be better casting and some ideas that they won’t use but should to make it more interesting


Seven Samurai / Magnificent 7 / Bugs Life

Magnificent 7 is doing very well at the Box office right now, but it feels like we’ve seen it before.  It turns out that our favorite version involved computer animated bugs, but we also like the one with the big sombrero or the one with Samurai swords.

Avatar/Pocahonatas/Dances with wolves/Fergully

Are they the same movie? At what point do you need to stop reducing a film’s plot to make it match your preconceived notions.

Disney Live Actions

It seems that Disney is set to remake most of their animated films into Live action.  Are they targeting adults who loved the movies as children, and is it just a quick way to make a buck or are they adding something new.

Our Favorite Remakes

Andrew – Bug’s Life because it respected the original and had a better message
Lena – Psych for so many episodes that are homages that respected the source but made it their own
Nik – Casino Royale, because well Bond … James Bond and the fact that it is a remake of both a book and movie that respects the source material.
Jeff – Ocean’s Eleven, who doesn’t when Frank Sinatra gets some respect
Branden – Italian Job.  This show took something that was outside of the public conscience and made it relevant but kept the spirit and some winks and nods to the original.

Basically we boil it down to the fact if a remake can pay its respect to the source material and yet add something of its own then the remakes usually turn out well.

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Until Next Time… May the Fandom Be With You

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