Release the Fanboys!

Episode 149:

This is the news update for the Second Week of January 2018.  This week we’re getting a Comic Book Movie where the titular character has no lines, CBS All Access is coming to Amazon Prime… Kinda… The Fanboys are released, and make sure to listen to the end for the Fandom Movie League update.


William on Twitter (@Fandomcast): Fandom movie League was a GREAT idea! I really hope you continue this idea next year. I didn’t think Brandon did as well but when you listed the movies I was impressed. I think Fantastic Beasts was a steal for you. But Nik is going to win.

Joe Darowski on Facebook ( You will become obsessed with checking rottentomatoes and box office prediction websites. Love the auction format.

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Alright lets jump into The..


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Nik: That’s not fair!
Jeff: You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is?


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