REPLAY: Gilmore Girls – Ep 93

Replay>First appearance of Tayler Iversen:

This episode is a Flashback from December 2016 (Episode 93) when Tayler made her first appearance on the Fandom Podcast.  Nik and I talk with her and Lena English about Gilmore Girl’s a Year in the Life.

Its fun to listen on the news to see how things really turned out from a few years ago and shockingly… all the links still work, so go and support us!

Gilmore Girls … Really

This week we are talking about the Gilmore Girls revival that has recently come out on Netflix.  If you never plan on watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, I would recommend not skipping this podcast. We talk about Gilmore Girls from a very basic perspective and so the next time you need some random Gilmore Girls discussion points you will be prepared.  Branden has never watched an Episode before. Nik has a Love Hate relationship with the show. And so we decided to bring guests on to the show to talk about the intricacies of Stars Hollow.  These guests are, Lena English, who is a die hard fan of the show, Nik’s wife, and #TeamLogan, and Tayler Iverson who could talk for hours about the show, has spent hours dissecting it with Lena and is #TeamJess.

We talk about who the Gilmore Girls are, how their lives intertwine with each other, their crazy friends and so much more.

New Audible Picks

We have gotten a new deal from Audible for the listeners of our show.  Sign up for a 30 day trial and get two books free.  That’s right, not one, but two.  If you are a Gilmore Girls fan you might want to check out Wild or Lauren Graham’s new book about her life and the Gilmore Girls, Talking As Fast As I Can.

If you’re not a Gilmore Girls fan you might want to check out Catalyst which is a prequel to Rogue One, the new Star Wars movie coming out.

Random Fandom: Douglas Adams

The Random Fandom is the segment of the show where you send in your Fandom picks and we turn around and share them with everyone else.  This week Clay Glad wrote in to tell us that the books/movies/tv shows the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams are some of his favorite. Nik goes into quote overload and we find the connection between Dirk Gently and Doctor Who.  If you like Zany, Quirky Comedy be sure to check these two stories out.

When Captain America Throws his Mighty Shield!

Geek News

Amy Schumer has been cast to play Barbie in the upcoming Live Action Barbie movie.

Zelda Breath of the Wild wins the most anticipated game of the year award

Barnes and Noble Yule Ball on December 9th

Luke Cage is getting a Season 2 (don’t expect it tomorrow though)

Aquaman has a release date in 2018

Unproduced Dark Crystal 2 script will become a Graphic Novel

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