The Return of the DCW – Episode 85

DCW Returns

This week we are going to talk about the return of the DCW and what Flashpoint and the multiverse may mean for the shows.

Random Fandom –

Mike Bennett contacted me after our episode about remakes to talk about the 1984 SciFi Classic the Last Starfighter. Just in case you haven’t seen this movie it is about a kid that is recruited to be a star fighter pilot based off of some sweet video game skills and could be improved by updating the effects.

What film do you want remade?

Nik – Condor Man! or Green Lantern
Jeff – Power Rangers or the entire DCEU
Branden – The Great Escape or Avatar the Last Air Bender

Geek News –

Iron Fist Release Date has been announced for March 17.

Sigourney Weaver has been cast to probably play a villain in the Defenders.

Doctor Who

Christmas Episode Trailer.
The Super Hero looks kind of Ridiculous.
super-hero Red G logo
One more Moffat episode after Series 10.—RarPAFTI8tdQw/


Yes its about Wolverine, maybe about the X-Men but you don’t need that in the title.
Patrick Stewart looks old in this makeup, maybe it will be a spin on Old Man Logan?

Geek discussion- The Return of the DCW

The Flash – Is Flashpoint over or is it just beginning?

Arrow – This is reminiscent of the Batman ’66 Movie at one particular part.  How much did Flashpoint change?  Why is Tyrese bad now? Mr. Terrific and the beginnings of a New Team.

Legends of tomorrow  Justice Society, how is that going to fit with the current timeline?

Supergirl – Superman has been cast and we think it would be really cool if they used Tom Welling in an episode about the multiverse. What is the catalyst that is going to be used to move Supergirl into the main DCW universe?  And Calista Flockhart doesn’t want to make the move to Canada and so Cat Grant’s character will not be a regular, but she will appear every once in a while.

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