RFC: Artemis and Chekhov’s Phaser

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Artemis is set in the near future in a colony on the moon and is about a delivery person or “Porter” named Jazz that want to be able to do EVA walks, but gets wrapped up into a scheme that involves a millionaire, the space mob, and others. This is the second book by Author Andy Weir and it follows his massive success “The Martian”  Which was turned into a movie starring Matt Damon. This book has a mix of current Science mixed in with some predictive Science all tied together with space politics and detective work.

Our Ratings:

  • Jeff: 3.75/5.00
  • Nik: 3.63/5.00
  • Branden: 3.14159/5.00000
  • Average: 3.5093/5.0000

This is a 100% go read this for an entertaining time from us at the Fandom Podcast.

The Things that we talk about are:

  • The World
  • The Characters
  • Lots of Nerd Heroes… For Some Reason
  • The Writing of It
  • Chekhov’s Gun
  • The Reading of it
  • The Martian & Artemis… Do they exist in the Same Universe?
  • Fantasy Casting

Fan Thoughts

From Clay the Fandomite:

The Martian is VERY grounded in existing or known “we can do this” technology and science. So it’s very “grabbing” to me to think, “we have all this technology, if we spent the money and efforts it could be real”. Very “Near future” SciFi based on already existing/almost there but understood technology.

Artemis is a little too “future” science, stuff that is “predictive”, how it could be, the author trying to predict where technology and science COULD be in the future, some of it (fiber optic without limits) based on no existing known theories etc.

This makes The Martin feel very real, but Artemis is kind of “distant”/not real feeling because of this.

Also the development cycle of the Martin, released for free to the internet, chapter by chapter, for review and “fixing”, over a quite long time vs. Artemis written “normally” with much less feedback as “just another book” affected Andy Weir’s “science feedback”.

To me, The Martin is about science with a great character and situation thrown in to make it entertaining, and Artemis is about a person and the science is added/invented to fit the needs of the story.

I did enjoy Artemis, but is was not even close to being “as good” as the BOOK the Martin. (A case where the book is MUCH better than the movie, and the movie was really good.)

P.S. since you did an episode of “the movie is better than the book” How about the complete fails where the movie is NOTHING, or very loosely based on the book, and flops. A princess of Mars, I Robot, and for kids Cat in the Hat come to mind immediately. Just a thought.

Rebuttal from Andy Weir

“I tried to be as accurate as possible. It’s even more scientifically accurate than The Martian. And in fact, even though it takes place many decades later than The Martian takes place, it has less projected technology, so to speak. Like in The Martian, the propulsion system for Hermes is a VASIMR drive, which exists but would need a lot of development before it got to the point that it was at in The Martian. In Artemis, literally everything there is stuff that is real. All the technology shown in Artemis is real. It exists today. In that form too. [apart from the spoilerific piece of tech]” ~ Andy Weir

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1 thought on “RFC: Artemis and Chekhov’s Phaser

  1. Day late with the book report. My computer is home again after a sick spell. Artemis by Andy Weir,2017 is more of a young adult book, maybe for girls since there is a lot of female sexual innuendoes. Lots in this for boys also. A bit slow to start but then gets going. Artemis is the only city on the moon at some future time. Near the end there is a lot of “how will they get out this that seem to work. It really was a fun read. (Or maybe I”m just a young adult at heart.)

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