FanX Survival: Physical Preparation

FanX Survival Physical Preparation

It’s time for another FanX Survival Tip.

Have you heard of Pheidippides? He was the first marathon runner in Greece, and oh yeah, he dropped over dead from exhaustion.  Lets try to avoid his fate when it comes to FanX.  At the last convention I walked over ten miles a day and so I got my Marathon in.  Here are some FanX Survival tips on physical ways to prepare yourself.

Five FanX Survival Physical Preparation Tips

1. Cut out the Soda and Junk
2. Get shoes that are good for walking and standing, also have multiple pairs that you can alternate between in order to save your feet some pain.
3. Boost your immune system with Vitamins to avoid Con Crud Airborne Vitamin C 1000mg Immune Support Supplement, Effervescent Formula, Orange, 30 Count
4. Eat Nutritious foods
5. Get plenty of sleep

Dying Happy

Hopefully these tips will keep you healthy, happy, and prevent you from falling over dead from exhaustion like Pheidippides, although if you do fall over dead I promise that it will be with a smile on your face because you had so much fun at FanX.  If you have a tip that you think we can’t live without be sure to let us know and we’ll feature you on the show, contact us at

Don’t Miss Out!

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