September 2nd Comicbook Review

So I have got to be honest: as I started looking through what is coming out this week (alphabetically) I was thinking, exasperated, “It is gonna be one of those weeks”.  By the time I finished the list, and my list subsequently, my attitude had changed.  Maybe I shouldn’t make preconceived notions while I am still in the B’s.  What I thought was gonna be a week of “I guess I gotta pick where to start.”  turned into “I JUST WANNA READ THESE 3 AT THE SAME TIME!”  It is a very Marvel heavy week for me, mostly because of the Secret Wars titles I am into.  I am also giving a new Image title a shot.  By default it made the list just so I can give you an honest review of whether or not you should add this title.  With out further ado…..


Broken World #4

Professor Marlowe decides that instead of forcing the preacher to kill himself she is going to use the situation to her advantage.  She has them broadcast a message to the other camp to meet at specific coordinates.  She then takes a group from the Children Camp to the coordinates of the shuttle.  Unfortunately the emergency shuttle was a farce.  The militant camp arrives, and the overzealous leader starts beating up the other camp.  Everything comes to a standoff, and events lead to Lieutenant Griff being shot by the young lady Professor Marlowe brought with her.  They decide to build a society together.  Marlowe never sees her family again.  Overall I was sadly disappointed in this issue.  The story was rushed, the art was not on par with the other issues, and it was rather anticlimactic.  I thought they were laying the foundation for a great series.  Instead this issue reads like the end of a four issue series.  One where they had to hurry and wrap up the story.

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Groot #4

Rocket wakes up in the presence of his captor.  She explains that he is just bait to lure Groot in.  She is, however, concerned that it is taking Groot a long time to come to them.  Meanwhile Groot is filling up his space station when the idiot Skrulls show up to conquer it.  Groot enlists them, and the robot gas pumper, and they head off.  Before arriving they encounter Niminus -she is chance and fate- questioning if the universe is worth it.  Groot arrives with his ragtag team to rescue Rocket, but they botch it.  Groot is blown into tiny pieces, and those pieces torched before he can start to grow back.  Niminus uses her power to give them a chance.  A small piece slips away down the drains.  Next issue it’s up to baby Groot.  Overall this is one of the best art issues I have ever read.  The story was funny, but the art made everything great.  When Niminus is asking if it is worth it they have a nearly full page of “I am Groot” showing some of the best things from Marvel over the last few years.  I would love the original page, or at least a poster, of that scene.  And the last page is a play on the classic Wolverine image when they first faced the Hellfire Club.  The one where he is rising out of the sewer water with the angry look on his face.  Brian Kesinger is now on my list of must meet creators.


Star Lord & Kitty Pryde #3

Peter and Kitty are tied up by Widget.  Kitty can’t phase out because this Widget is a version of her.  Knowing this Peter serenades Widget to get them free.  Gambit returns to find them free and a fight breaks out.  With the Longshot blades, Gambit has the edge in the fight.  That is until Doom shows up.  Doom knocks out Gambit then reveals himself to actually be Drax.  The artifact back in their possession, and Gambit taken care of, all that is left is for Kitty to take it back.  The boys convince her to give them a peak, and it turns out to be Rocket’s tail.  Quill has an emotional moment (20 minutes) with the tail remembering his friend.  Kitty decides to let him keep it.  They share a moment themselves before she leaves.  Peter and Drax walk off, the start of a beautiful friendship.  Overall this was a well done completion to the arc.  Everything sewn up nicely, good emotional moments, and room left for more stories.


Silver Surfer #14

Surfer and Dawn set about to remaking the universe.  Dawn gets to work on Earth, while Norrin rebuilds the rest.  At first it seems so easy, Dawn brings her family back first, and Norrin all their friends.  When Dawn leaves to remake the rest of Earth, Eve asks why it is her who has never seen the world.  Dawn realizes she is remaking the world in 2D, but is too proud to go back to ask Eve’s help.  The Surfer remakes Galactus.  When Galactus says he hungers Silver Surfer decides there is no room for Galactus in this universe.  He then proceeds to bring back every planet Galactus destroyed.  Is what they are doing right?  Should 1 person have the power to make things however they want?  We will have to find out next issue.  Overall it was an OK issue.  There is a lot going on with the art, sometimes being a little too busy.  The story was a bit predictable in that they would stray from remaking the universe as it was.  I’m sure it will all be fixed by the end of next issue.


Silk #7

With the end of the world happening, Jameson pulls Cindy into his office.  He gives her information on a kid arrested for drugs that could be her brother.  She doesn’t want to believe her brother would ever fall into the gangs and drug life.  She tells Jameson she would rather help, so he sends her to interview the kid about the end of the world.  She realizes the sage wisdom of his advice, and heads out.  Along the way she is constantly interrupted by helping to save people.  When she stops to save a group of people on a bus she gets the people off, but the bus crashes on her.  Pokemon dude comes to her rescue.  Silk tells him to go be with his daughter, and he does.  Cindy arrives at the assisted living facility and finds the kid Jameson sent her to.  It is her brother Albert.  They embrace, and she tells him she is sorry and loves him as the world fades away.  Overall it was a heroic, end-of-the-world issue.  Great splash pages of Silk helping to save people.  A touching moment with the villain we started the series with.  And an emotional ending.  On the downside the art style was drastically different.  It was distracting at first just because things did not look right.  By the end the story outweighed the art, and all I cared about was what was being told.


Thors #3

With Loki in custody there is no shortage of Thors lining up to interrogate him.  An older Thor, Runey, and his partner the Destroyer, promise to get a confession.  Ultimate Thor denies him because he knows how they do things.  Ultimate is the one who goes in.  He tries playing a good cop/bad cop, but the God of Mischief sees right through it.  Loki tells him he has been killing the Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes of the world to get Thor to realize the truths.  When Ultimate still proves to dense to catch on he sends him to where the rest of the bodies are, the Zombieland.  Ultimate Thor finds a pile of skeletons, and during some introspection into who Jane Foster is to him he is attacked.  Beta Ray Thors killer reveals himself to Ultimate Thor; he beats Ultimate down and leaves him for the zombies.  Luckily Ultimate has a friend looking out for him.  Overall it was another fun Law and Order: Thors issue.  Some really good back and forth between Thor and Loki.  I also liked the way some of Loki’s classic tropes were incorporated into this design of him.  Jason Aaron really knows his Thor stories.


Age of Apocalypse #3

Prisoners on both sides are being tortured.  Dark Beast and Essex are torturing Danvers for the location of the humans weapon.  Cyclops is being tortured by the X-men to find out what his team was doing in the humans area.  And Jean Grey is being tortured by Dr Nemesis and Sabertooth for Sabertooth’s own purposes.  Jean Grey’s torture releases a psychic wave that hits Emma Frost, which overwhelms her and she sends out psychically to everyone in the realm.  Jean saw the humans being handed the Legacy Virus.  With the weapon, and its location, known both sides send teams to retrieve it.  Unfortunately for all of them the last person any would have expected shows up and releases the virus.  Overall it was a good issue.  The art, which is what I loved about the original AoA story, definitely has that dystopian feel.  The story could be more fleshed out, though.  That has been an overall problem with these Secret Wars tie-ins.  There are some interesting stories being told, but they don’t have the time to tell them properly.


Plutona #1

We open with introductions to four middle schoolers.  One, a needy boy, has a passion for searching for superheroes.  One, a slightly overweight girl, has a talent for making her own clothes.  One is a boy with an abusive father.  And one is Ms Popular with a little brother to take care of.  They go through a typical day of school.   After school Teddy is on a hillside trying to spot heroes when Ray joins him to tease him, but ends up staying to try to spot one as well.  When the girls, Mie and Dianne walk past they come to see what is going on.  Mie’s little brother wanders off, and the four go looking for him.  What Mike finds, and subsequently the rest of the group, is the superhero Plutona lying beaten and battered.  Overall it was a fascinating story.  One I think better served to the pre-teen crowd.  Minus the superheroes, everything about this issue could be there everyday life.  This will be a title I continue to get if for no other reason than to send it to my pre-teen niece.

This was a good week for comics.  Some were huge let downs, most were what I expected, some were pleasant surprises, and Groot was next level.  That is the joy of not only comics, but reading in general.  Every once in a while a book you have high hopes for will let you down.  Usually it will be what you were expecting it to be.  At times you won’t know what to expect, and be surprised by how much you liked it.  And every once in a while a book will surpass the high expectations you set for it.  As long as you continue to reading through the disappointments you will find those gems that hold special places in your heart.  Other issues not making the list this week are: 50 Years of SHIELD: Mockingbird #1, Batman: Arkham Knight #8, Daredevil #18, and Deadpool vs Thanos #1.  For my thoughts on these titles leave a comment here or on social media.  @NathanFandom and


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