September 9th Comicbook Review

I am so stoked going into this week, but a little sad.  And it all stems from 1 issue.  This will be the last issue of Rebels which has been one of the best titles I have ever read.  I hope it lives up to all of the hype I just gave it.  I also get some of my current favorite titles this week; Outcast, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX, and Ninjak.  There were quite a few #1s this week, but I only had room to add 2 of them.  As I am trying to make it a habit to share my thoughts on any new #1s that only leaves room for 2 issues this week.  Civil War and A-Force round out this weeks reviews.  I am stoked going in, and if the titles hold true I should be stoked by the end.


Rebels #6

The last day of the war, and Seth and the Green Coats are going door-to-door clearing out Red Coats.  With his discharge papers in hand Seth heads home.  On the way he stops in an empty field, a field where good men died.  Seth pays his respects to his best friend Ezekiel; buried with out a head stone.  He reflects on the battle, and how they had to hurry and lay to rest a lot of men with out marking their graves.  He regrets that Ezekiel was unable to be taken home and buried with his family.  Seth spends the night at an inn that was loyal to the British Government, but doesn’t sleep.  The rest of his journey home he sleeps under the stars.  But none of that is as bad as what he experiences when he gets home.  Seth thinks he is returning to his land and his wife.  What he doesn’t know is there is someone else there who has been working the land in his absence.  Seth’s 6 year old son, that he never knew about, greets him coldly for making his mom cry.  John James Abbott shows his father what he has accomplished on the land.  Unfortunately for Seth his wife isn’t so accommodating.  She is mad at him for being gone for 7 years, she is mad at him for never writing, and she mad because she knows if another war started he would be gone again.  Seth realizes he has a lot to make up for to his wife and his son.  But he is proud that he will be doing it on liberated land.  Overall I felt the pains the author was conveying with coming home.  Some of it I empathized with, but there are somethings not even I can fully know what it would feel like.  I have been lucky enough to deploy twice with the battalion never having a KIA.  So I cannot pretend to comprehend having to leave my best friend in a field with only my memory to mark his grave.  I know how hard it is to be gone for a long time with life going on  back home.  But I was single, and only gone for a year and a half.  I didn’t come home to a son I knew nothing about.  I recommend everyone read this six issue series, especially if you have served in the military.  Brian Wood writes a magnificent  story about the cost our for fathers paid for our independence.


Outcast #12

Kyle’s sister, Megan, is possessed.  She attacks her husband, and tries to go after their daughter.  He is able to get away, and the two of them go to Kyle’s house.  He fills Kyle in on what happened to Megan.  Meanwhile the reverend is praying for a sign that him and Kyle are doing what the lord wants of them.  It is during his prayer that Kyle knocks on his door to ask him for hep with his sister.  On the way Kyle tells the reverend that he is starting to figure somethings out about this whole situation.  When they arrive at the house they start the exorcism process for Megan.  Kyle starts getting some answers, but they lead to bigger questions.  When they creature inside his sister tries to feed off of his energy, Kyle tries to reverse it.  It leaves both of them weak.  The reverend pulls Kyle out of the room.  Kyle finds new resolve in wanting to find and exorcise these creatures, and stop them from hurting others.  Overall it was a good issue.  It sets things up going forward by giving more information about what the goal of these “demons” are.  It also gives us a little more back story on Kyle and his wife.  Not as emotionally gripping as some previous issues in the series.  I hope that is just a case of needing a set up issue for the story to grow even better.


Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #4

The Guardians of the Galaxy have joined the battle for the twins.  Everyone is arguing when Iron Man tells the twins they need to decide.  Before they can answer the Inhumans step in to the fray.  Some how no one noticed their extravagant tree house next to the X-men and Avengers tree houses.  The Royal Inhumans show the twins the Terrigen Mists effects on two other kids.  The kids come out looking hideous.  This causes an eruption of fighting between Avengers, X-men, Guardians, and Inhumans.  The twins are unsure whether they want to join any of the groups.  Before they can make a final decision someone speeds past telling them to follow.  They are lead to a junk yard which is the club house home for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but their not all mutants nor are they all boys.  Overall this issue was not as funny as the previous issues.  The art, however, was some of the best.  When everyone started fighting we got not only one splash page, but two.  I would love a print of the epic fight, no matter how massive it would be.  At the very least a poster of the two splash pages, and I do not buy posters.  All in all this has been a great, kid friendly, series.


Ninjak #7

Ninjak is in Russia to bring in the next member of the Shadow Seven.  Unlike the last member this member is not hiding from him.  She is waiting out in the open for him to find her.  She shares her story of growing up in Russia feeling like a prisoner of the system.  After landing in prison numerous times Kannon came to recruit her.  Kannon sent her to monks where she fortified her mind and resolve through experiencing pain.  Upon returning to Russia she underwent several surgeries to shape her body to meet her goals.  Kannon tells her about his plans to form Weaponeer.  He wants to put weapons in everyones hand to level the playing field.  As she finishes her story they arrive at a club where she will be performing.  As she starts to get ready for her show, Ninjak gets ready to take her in.  Ninjak learns that she is a formidable opponent; her fingers morph into daggers (Lady Deathstrike like), she has rearranged where her organs are, and her mouth unhinges so her teeth can grow into large razors (ala Baraka).  After throwing her through the wall of her dressing room into the club Ninjak gets the room he needs to drug the crazy mutated weapons dealer.  All that is left is to beat up everyone else in the bar.  Another member of the Shadow Seven in MI-6 custody Ninjak is sent a message.  Do not kill any members of the Shadow Seven.  One of them is deadman switched to a nuclear device.  Overall the story of why this woman transformed herself was very fascinating.  Even more so I felt it was believable that someone in a repressed country would be willing to go to such extremes.  The fight though was lacking.  Especially when all you get after Ninjak


Civil War #4

The Blue has their Bell Curve weapon ready to go.  Steve knows using it is not an easy decision.  He likens it to the use of the atomic bombs in World War II.  Iron Man leaves Barnes in charge while he goes to look for She-Hulk.  He tracks her to the divide, but upon entering it is attacked.  While Tony is down in the divide Rogers moves the forces of the Blue across the divide into Iron territory.  Stark learns who has been manipulating him and Cap to keep the war going.  The face of T’Challa tells him of everything they have done, but Tony knows it is not the Black Panther.  Tony uses powers he developed, but never told anyone about, to free She-Hulk and reveal the perpetrator to be Skrulls.  Can Iron Man get to Captain America before the Battle of the Divide destroys both sides?  Overall I liked Cap’s struggle with using Bell Curve and comparing it to Truman’s decision.  He realizes it was not an easy decision to make, but it needed to be made.  I wasn’t really suspecting the Skrulls until Tony started talking to T’Challa, and then it was obvious.  I am excited for next issue, but mostly because it is the last one.


A-Force #4

A-Force’s new friend helps them get away from the Thors.  Nico explains that their actions shaped this creature in to who she is now.  She-Hulk puts what she learned going through the portals with what she knows of those on the island.  It is revealed that Lady Loki is behind everything.  She has set up She-Hulk to look incompetent so that she can become barrenness.  A-Force ruins the party when they crash in and subdue the foes.  Nico faces Loki and gets her to confess she was behind everything.  With her plans destroyed, and everything she wanted lost, Lady Loki uses her power to punch a hole in the Shield allowing zombies to come through.  Overall I love the concept of A-Force, but the story hasn’t been great.  It has good moments, but the story has been predictable and rushed.  Last issue we did not know Lady Loki’s roll; this issue her plan is revealed, and she is defeated.  Also during the battle pages they threw in an advert for their new titles, same as every other Marvel issue.  But in this issue it split up two pages meant to be read as one.  Just not impressed with this title.


Diesel #1

Dee Diesel is 1 day from turning 18 and inheriting a sky ship that’s primary purpose is to serve as a mechanics garage.  Only problem is she is not qualified to run the company or captain the ship.  She is encouraged to stay working in the garage, and let the captain continue running the ship.  Dee has an interesting static electricity power, that she doesn’t fully understand.  While taking out the trash Dee and her robot see lighting explode.  Knowing that that is not normal Dee heads back to spy on the bridge to learn what is happening.  What it seems to be is that the ship is under attack.  Dee flees back to the garage and is almost crushed by an engine.  When Dee touches it her mysterious gift brings it to life.  Overall it wasn’t a “blow you away” first issue.  It was, however, an interesting enough story to make me give the rest of the 4 part series a chance.  The art is a little cartoon-ish for my tastes, but for the story it is the perfect art style.  Well suited for younger readers.


Faster Than Light #1

Man kind has finally cracked the secret to faster than light travel.  They are preparing to embark on a historic mission.  But it isn’t just a “to explore strange new worlds” mission.  There is a threat, out in space, to Earth, and allies are needed.  Whether they are ready or not the are embarking on their mission.  With patch works in fitting new technology over new technology there are a lot of questions on if everything will work.  Some on the ship are their to ensure that the crew stays on mission, and not getting lost doing “science” things.  Before they set out to leave the galaxy and find allies they notice a new planet in our solar system.  The council approves them starting their journey by investigating this new planet.  But when they arrive the native life may end their mission quickly.  Overall I want to start with the art.  The art is awesome, and sets the tone well for this series.  Story wise it was a good introductory issue.  The universe is established, and we are introduced to many numerous roll players for the story.  It was not a come out and knock your socks off issue.  It was about establishing the tone and characters for this story going forward.  I think there is great potential for Faster Than Light, and I look forward to going on the journey with them.

This week was very much hyped in my mind, and although some issues may have fallen short this time I think it was the week I was hoping for.  Rebels finished strongly; sad to see it go.  Outcast continues to grow and improve.  And the two new issues were no disappointments.  There are a lot of great stories being told, and I just wish I had the time and money to read them all.  Other issues not making the review this week are Onyx #2, Planet Hulk #5, and Secret Wars 2099 #5.  For my thoughts on any of these titles leave a comment or send me a message on social media. @

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