All Signs Point to the Robot Uprising

Artificial Intelligence or Robot Uprising?

This week we have had a lot of news come out of the European Union but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about the Brexit today, our news story is about how in the EU they are discussing passing regulations that give Robots and AI’s people like rights, and while right now that seems a little ridiculous but considering how quickly things have progressed it may not be as ridiculous as it seems at first look. So today lets start out with talking about our favorite AI’s and Robots in Fandoms

Popular AI’s in Fandoms
Marvin from Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek: Data, Futurama, Star Trek: Moriarty, Jarvis, HAL, Cortana from Halo

Should Robots and AI’s have rights?

The Three Laws of Robotics

Study: People want self driving Cars to sacrifice the driver for the greater good, but want to buy cars that protect the driver

Which fandom will we most be like our future?

Additional Information

The Three Laws
The Three Laws counterpoint
Self Driving Car Study
Robot Rights in the EU

BoyWonder Trivia

Last Week: What classic game is the music that we played during BoyWonder trivia from? Tetris

This Week  Who played the voice of Marvin the Robot on Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? 

If you are a fan of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy let us know over at, or send us an email to

Top News

Game of thrones will not suffer because of brexit, it has not taken any funding from the EU in recent years

Is Marvel Teasing Ghost Rider or Hellfire at SDCC

Bryan Cranston is cast to play Zordon in upcoming Power Rangers Movie

The Flash will be tackling Flashpoint in Season 3


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