SLCC 2016 Panels – Education Week for Geeks

Panels that we are most excited for at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

  1. Self Fulfilling Prophecies are Dystopian stories Dangerous?
  2. What does it really take to be a professional Artist?
  3. Paul Draper Mysteries of the Mind
  4. Star Trek at 50: Star Fleet Academy
  5. Monster Hunter International on Writing Action
  6. Twisted Toonz: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  7. Match Game: SLCC Edition
  8. Pro Wrestling 101
  9. So You Want to Table Top Game
  10. Behind the Glasses, Why Super Heroes Need Secret Identity
  11. Paranormal
  12. Voices of Marvel and Star Wars
  13. Mark Hamill

Random Fandom: Supergirl

Hey guys, I hear that one of your team is waffling on Supergirl! Let me make my pitch: the best thing about Supergirl is that it is not Arrow, nor is it Smallville or The Flash. The show deals with plenty of drama, but they don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a woman in her early 20’s wrestling with a split identity, a legacy of heroism, and a living community around her deeds. It’s equal parts alien action and day job frustrations. Whereas ‘Clarke Kent’ always felt like a facade to me in the Superman films, Kara’s human identity becomes her sanctuary. As difficult as it can be, it’s the part of her life that she *chooses*, not what is thrust upon her by destiny, so every time she works to preserve it as a necessary part of her identity, there’s real emotional resonance to it. I also appreciate that Supergirl has general audience appeal while being unapologetically speaking to a female audience.  I don’t want to spoil the newbies, but the season finale makes a conversation about the film Working Girl that almost made me cry, it was so well done.  Little girls grow up their whole lives learning to internalize the emotional journeys of boys and men who become heroes on screen and in books; it’s nice to think that school age boys can watch Supergirl and connect to the emotional journey of a young woman.

It just finished a very satisfying first season, overall. Give it time, and Supergirl treats you right. It’s like warm comfy soup. It’s not perfect, but it knows what it’s about.  One more thing: definitely watch the Flash crossover!  Even if you skip ahead to that one, it’s good. Barry plus Kara is like a meeting of two golden retriever puppies. There’s an ice cream scene that just by itself is worth the entire episode.


Joe Darowski commented on Facebook Quick note concerning the upcoming Avengers films, they announced that the third film is still named Avengers: Infinity War but they’re renaming the fourth film. They’re still being filmed simultaneously, so a lot of the cast will be the same, but the directors said they’re so tonally different they didn’t want to name them Part I and Part II.

If you want to have a Fandom be featured during the Random Fandom feel free to shoot us a message about your favorite fandoms and we will talk about them.


Soviet monuments are being defaced in Bulgaria

Паметник на Съветската армия 18.06.2011

Riri Williams will go by the name Iron Heart

Image result for riri williams

Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU  

Captain America - Nomad

Bucky and Sam both using Captain America’s Shield 


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