A Sparrow With a Machine Gun!

This weekend was big for Batman fans.  Suicide Squad hit the theaters and It has been 50 years since Batman: The Movie came out.  The tone of these shows are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but we let Nik loose to talk about one of his favorite fandoms with random heckling and input from Branden and Jeff.  We talk about some of the ways the director was able to create a campy success, the great cast that was built around Adam West and some scandalous stories. Join us as we talk about Batman 66

Random Fandom

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Top News

Suicide Squad flops with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but does well in the box office and okay with fan perception.

Pokemon Go did send cease and desist letters to Pokevision and other similar tracking websites because the methods that they were using were crashing servers.

Hulu shutting down free service, but shows will be available on Yahoo Screens

Get your lightsabers ready for the next guest announcement on August 9th

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