All Spider-Men Look Alike

Episode 123

Spider-Man Homecoming came out and we enjoyed it but that doesn’t keep us from finding some things to talk about.  Including Easter Eggs, MJ is not THAT MJ, Diversity in Comics, Marvel’s goodwill from fans and apparently, Nik can’t tell the difference between Asians or Spider-Men.

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Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee passed away at 95 years old.

New Warriors Cast

Lucy Liu Directing Luke Cage season 2 ep 1

She’s not in James Bond –

Kermit gets a new voice

John Oliver gets cast as the new Zazu in Jon Favreau’s Lion King, with James Earl Jones and Donald Glover

Salt Lake Gaming Con: – Gathering of Ages

Calendar note: SDCC and D23 coming up and so we will get a lot of news there.

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