Star Trek – Pitching the Final Frontier

Star Trek New Show Pitches

There has been some Star Trek Discovery news this week and some signs are beginning to concern us about the future of the Star Trek TV universe.  In order to combat that we fill the last half of this episode with Fan Fiction Fodder and pitch our own ideas for new Star Trek series, and sometimes its hard to come up with a new idea without riffing off of an old one.  Some of the concepts that we bring up as items that we want to explore a little bit more are:  Cryogenics, what happens when a person from today is frozen only to be woken up in the future (they may or may not be given a robot best friend.) Or what about a show exploring the transition from first contact to the utopian society of the Federation?  There are many unexplored stories from the Dominion War that could easily fill an entire series, and if you really don’t want to be beholden to a time period, or even the prime universe what about a show exploring time with the Temporal Prime Directive? Is it possible to make a Star Trek Medical drama? How about a Star Trek Legal drama?  All the pieces are there for a Starfleet Academy show.  There are so many options in this universe that we could go on and on.  How about a Star Trek Game Show, “Weigh That Tribble!” Listen to our pitches and then send us in some of your own to or and we will present them to the same imaginary studio executives that we talked to.

Random Fandom

Mike Bennett wrote in and shared with us some of the comics that he used to own and the fate of those comics.  He points out a valuable lesson that old comics are only valuable because so many mothers threw them out when they needed the space in the attic, and some of those comics are not worth as much as we might think they are.

Geek News

RIP Kenny Baker.  The Actor who played R2-D2 has passed away

CWVerse News

Kevin Smith on board to direct “Supergirl Lives”
Joss Whedon rumored to be directing Flash / Supergirl Musical crossover will have new episodes the day after they air without a Cable subscription

Open letter to WB Executives is right on the nose

Star Trek Discovery will be set 10 years before Kirk and will have a female “Main” character

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