Star Trek Space Women – Episode 117

Joining us this week is a special guest: Rich Bonaduce.  He is an Entertainment Reporter for Fox 13, film critic for Salt Lake Magazine and an all around Star Trek Nerd.
Star Trek Discovery has finally launched a trailer and nearly all is forgiven, but it does leave a lot of questions.
What does it exactly mean “before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise?
Which universe does this show exist in, the Kelvin or the Prime?
Is anyone going to see it without CBS All Access?
Are they planning on money from the Star Trek Completionist Nerds?
and more.
We build Star Trek Bridge Crews / Senior staff from across the Fandomverse. Including two All women teams
The SyFy network has decided to get back to its roots in Sci-Fi
Seth Macfarland is creating his own Star Trek Parody called Orville, and it’s being aired on Fox

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