Supergirl Binge Cut Supplemental

Every once in a while there comes a topic that we discussed on the main weekly episode piques enough interest that I get on and discuss it a little bit more and in a little more detail.  This week Jeff brought up the topic of Binge Cuts and how weekly shows like Arrow should have a binge cut that removes most of the exposition and the scenes that are designed to help us remember what happened last week.  We’re not talking about the Previously On scenes but the scenes at the beginning of the episode but scenes where characters are talking to each other in order to remind you of what happened previously.

Stephen Amell even recently complained about this at Salt Lake Comic Con when he said that we don’t realize it but there is a format that they are forced to stick to because there is a diehard section of their fan base that watches the show weekly, but for the people who go to binge it on Netflix there is a lot of filler space and time because, well obviously we remember 5 minutes ago when events in the previous episode happen.

Jake Dietz, the Geeky Mormon wrote in to let us know that on September 10 Supergirl came to Netflix and so everyone who was unable to watch it due to CBS’s streaming and On Demand policies will be able to binge on it commercial free, and have the chance to be completely caught up by October 10, 2016 when the show makes its debut on the CW network.

The only problem with this is that Supergirl was filmed for a traditional network television schedule which means that there are about 20 hours to get through, and while Supergirl doesn’t have entire filler episodes like some shows, I’m looking at you Supernatural, there are some weaker episodes that could be skipped and then be brought up to speed with the exposition on the following episode. To remedy that problem I’ve put together a list of essential episodes of Season 1 that need to be watched to appreciate the story.  In no way am I saying that this will be the BEST experience and there will be some subtle nuances in character development that you will miss, but this will get you caught up.

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