Table Top Gaming – Nik’s Fired – Episode 119

In today’s age of Technology with Virtual Reality, Smart Phones, and Video Game Consoles people keep going back to classic tabletop games.  Table top games are much more diverse than most people think.  A Table Top game includes anything that can… well… uh… be played on a table.  That means anything from chess to poker, to Dungeons & Dragons can be a table top game.  We talk about some of our favorites, some of the nostalgia behind them and some of the reasons that we play in this episode.


We got some great additions to our Star Trek Bridge crews and our Little Mermaid Castings.  This week we are asking for your favorite Table Top games and Why you play table top games.  Send that over to, or on Facebook at


Wallace and Gromit Voice Actor passed away

Tom Holland Plays Nathan Drake

Star Wars is not filming in a town near you

Episode IX’s director talks about Leia

Super Friends gets an Emmy campaign –

Games We Talked About

If Any of the Games that we talked about sounded interesting I have Amazon Affiliate Links to them. It doesn’t cost you any extra but will send a kickback our way and let Amazon know that we sent you.

Fluxx – There are a lot of different versions so this takes you to a list of them

Sentinels of the Multiverse –  This is the cooperative team based super hero card game

King of Tokyo – Rampage on the Table Top in Tokyo

King of New York – Like King of Tokyo but with more strategy

Almost got ‘im. – Try to Outwit Batman in a game of Poker with Villains

Werewolves –  Can you survive the werewolf attack and live to tell about it?

Avalon- King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, Mordred, Ladies in Lakes giving away swords is no way to distribute power!

Pandemic – Survive!

Legendary – Marvel Deckbuilding game

DC Deck Building Game – DC Deckbuilding game, Superman and Wonder Woman are going to fight and there’s nothing a geek can do to stop that.

If you want to see us in person and are in the Utah County area check out Pop Culture Convention, a small convention that we will have a booth at.

Until Next Time: May the Fandom Be With You!

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