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September 2nd Comicbook Review

So I have got to be honest: as I started looking through what is coming out this week (alphabetically) I was thinking, exasperated, “It is gonna be one of those weeks”.  By the time I finished the list, and my list subsequently, my attitude had changed.  Maybe I shouldn’t make preconceived notions while I am still in the B’s.  What I thought was gonna be a week of “I guess I gotta pick where to start.”  turned into “I JUST…

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August 5th Comicbook Review

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #3 The twins tour each teams tree house.  In the X-men tree house they go on an ice roller coaster, get fastball special-ed by Colossus, turned into mutants by Beast, and go through a training session in the Danger Room.  Then in the Avenger tree house they get de-mutated, visit Asgard, bypass Captain America’s workouts, and fail at operating Iron Man’s twin mind designed armor.  The explosion of the armor launches them into the sky…

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July 8th Comicbook review

Descender #5 The scrappers take Tim and the others to Gnish.  Driller, the bot dog, and the soldier are sent to the pits to fight for their lives.  Tim, the captain, and the Doctor Quon are taken to be tortured for information.  They want to know the secrets of the Tim-bots and the Harvesters.  But can Dr Quon tell them what they want before they torture him to much?  Overall this world keeps growing into something more and more interesting….