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Episode 19 – Why Does DC Hate America?

Happy Fourth of July! Lots of movie news this week, but after that we decide to keep to a patriotic theme, and who could be more Patriotic than Captain America? We talk about some of the different incarnations of Captain America and whether the Mantle is bigger than just one man. We answer the age old question, “Why does DC hate America?” and share our favorite Geeky parts of the 4th. Stay Tuned!

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Bonus Episode 1 – Free Comic Book Day 2015

May 2nd was Free Comic Book Day and Comics Plus gave me the opportunity to interview several of their patrons.  Enjoy this short bonus episode and if you are in the St. George, Utah area be sure to check out Comics Plus it is a great shop.

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Episode 10 – Magical Macguffin

Its a great time to be a geek! We talk about Free Comic Book Day, Netflix creating good content, Age of Ultron finally drops and 100% of our hosts that saw it enjoyed it. Then we talk Video Game Hall of Fame controversy and build our Top 5 hall of fame game lists, and the state of Sports video games. We each share a controversial Fandom that we enjoy and then recommend a lesser known Fandom. That and more on…

Avengers: Age of Ultron review

Since I will not be on the next couple of episodes I won’t be able to share my thoughts verbally on a lot of the subjects.  Here is a special post  (because it was so big). Avengers: Age of Ultron