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Jifted vs Gifted

News Episode 143: This week in the news we talk about so many Disney properties (We sure are glad that the small indie company is finally having some success)  DC is going to start a streaming service with a Harley Quinn cartoon, Live action Teen Titans and Young Justice Season 3 (Thanks Netflix.) Rian Johnson is finally giving us a movie without the fan service or he has taken a page from JJ Abrams book (There’s no Khan Here) and…

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2017 Fandom Predictions – Ep 97

The Best is Yet To Come! Welcome to the Future! The year is 2017 and we still are filled with optimism.  Get ready for our hopeful predictions for 2017, so far this year hasn’t disappointed us (we’re looking at you 2016.) Jeff and Branden talk about Marvel Movies, DC Movies, The DCW-Verse, Comics, Doctor Who, and our favorite books.  Strap in while we gaze into our crystal ball to make some pretty optimistic predictions. Random Fandom: Peter Cushing In the…

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Super Heroes and Soap Operas – Episode 46

Have you ever made fun of Soap Operas? How about Professional Wrestling? If so you might be a little shocked when you listen to this episode and discover how many of our favorite geeky tv shows are essentially soap operas. We go over what makes a soap opera ( and then see if those characteristics apply to many of our favorite TV shows such as The Walking Dead, The Flash, The Arrow, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and even Doctor Who….