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215. What’s Your Fandom? An Interview with Dante Basco

For the past three weekends we have been a different Fan Conventions and we capped off our whirlwind tour at the Paradigm High Fandom Expo. It was a great show that had a lot of passion for fandom. We got to talk to Dante Basco about his favorite fandoms and his role in fandom and then we talked to several of the students at Paradigm about what their favorite fandom is. This was really a fun event and they plan…

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They don’t know what they doin’ – Ep 186

  Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Episode 186 This is the show that brings together geeks nerds from across the Fandomverse to analyze the news and discuss your favorite TV, Movies, Comics and books. This is the News roundup for the Third week of September 2018, but first joining me is News Sponsored by Colton   Big News   Show Announcement! Loki and Scarlet Witch shows OR Live action Avatar       Under the Radar   Movies…

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That’s a Bad Birthday Gift

In the news this week: Lauren Cohan wants to be paid like a man, The Internet Freaks out, Disney reboots yet another property for its streaming service, and the Last Air Bender is coming to Blu ray, and Jeff gives Branden advice on buying birthday gifts for his wife. Announcements Come see us at Wasatch Con April 27 & 28 at the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley, Utah Come see us at the Utah Podcast Summit June 2, 2018…

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Reboots, Remakes and Rip Offs – Episode 83

Joining us this week to talk about Movie Reboots, Remakes and Rip Offs we have the Producer of the Protagonist Podcast ( Andrew Darowski and Nik’s better half Lena English. Random Fandom International Podcast Day is September 30th and that is a good reminder to share our favorite podcasts with those around us.  We go over the podcasts that we listen to and find that there is something for everyone.  In our listens we have shows about Industry News, TV…

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Bonus Fan Theories

The hardest part of this last week’s episode for me was limiting myself to one fan theory.  I ended up choosing a more jovial theory revolving around Pinky and The Brain, but I had so many on tap.  After listening to the episode I wanted to share some of the other theories that were floating around in my head. Its not quite 12,000 words but it makes you think.